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You'd think that Apple and AT&T would have their shit together on this whole iPhone ordering process by now. You'd think... I got early and placed an order to upgrade my original iPhone (June of 2007), staying with AT&T. All went smooth. Then I tried to upgrade my spouse's old freebie flip-phone (July of 2007), only to have the Apple Store display a message telling me that it couldn't do it, and to contact AT&T. Which I did a little later on in the morning. The rep...
Maybe that's why Apple named the iPhone 4S - kind of a shorthand tribute "for Steve."
A true industry giant and great humanitarian. He will be missed. RIP, Mr. Jobs.
Samsung is getting a first-hand example of what happens when they bite the hand that feeds it.
It's funny that this rumor came out today, for I was just discussing with my better half about how I'd like to upgrade from my 5+ year old Core Duo-powered MacBook to a Core 2 Duo or better product that would allow me to stay current with the upcoming Lion. I have an even older Mac mini (the original) that is pulling light duty as a "guest room" computer, and that worked pretty well for my needs back in the day. If Apple is indeed coming out with an Intel i3/5/7 CPU...
I still have the original iPhone, which uses the long-in-the-tooth iOS 3.1.3. Apple never said anything about how many iPhone models contain this bug, or how far back they will update iOS to fix it.
Easy - a portable TelePrompTer. No empty suit should leave home without one!
So The One will visit The Man. One massive ego meets another. What, he wants Apple to come up with some sort of iHope&Change? November 2012 can't get here soon enough!
"The company currently operates 317 stores, 84 of which are outside the US." Er, if by "currently" you mean at the of the fiscal quarter, you are correct. If "currently" includes today, that number sits at 319.
I know it sounds all evil and everything, but if I choose to be a consumer of ad-supported apps, music, TV shows and what-have-you, I'd love it if I could better match things that I might remotely be interested in compared with the shotgun approach we are exposed to today. I don't need boner pills, my post-menopausal wife doesn't need sanitary napkins or tampons, and neither of us need dog food, just to name a few items.
New Posts  All Forums: