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Yeah, I read that news story, but then I went to my Schwab investment page and looked up both companies, and it showed that AAPL was at 241.6B while MSFT was at 276.0B. What am I missing?
What about the argument that even if Flash were allowed on the iPad (and iPhone / iPod touch), that it might in many cases offer a "not what the designer intended" experience since there are no mouse-overs to trigger actions like there are with a typical computer and mouse cursor?
Is anyone really expecting all that much public interest in a product that 1) has yet to ship, and 2) has yet to be advertised? C'mon. We had a friend over yesterday to watch the Superbowl, and I asked him if he heard about the iPad. Yeah, he heard of it, but seemed pretty ambivalent towards it. Then I showed him the short video clip posted on Apple's webpage. It blew him away. Take any current poll about the iPad's popularity with a large grain of salt.
When Apple changed the name of their portable line from PowerBook to MacBook, I wasn't all that thrilled about it, but looking back, it made a lot of sense (seeing that Apple dropped the old PowerPC chip in favor of Intel). iPad? It really is the only name that makes any sense, if you think about it. iSlate? Nah. iPad will grow on folks over time.
The Goracle (undoubtedly while private-jetting back to his 10,000 sq ft mansion from some GW conference overseas) probably was threatening to resign from Apple's board, and they couldn't have, you know, the father of the internet and all, do that. Just like our so-called "health care crisis," so many people are simply sheep willing to be led to and fro by the con man of the hour.
"For sure, Rosetta and Office 2004 work well here. As well as my LaserJet printer (although it is not Color)." Check out Apple's discussion forums. Lots of folks are having problems with Snow Leopard crashing into a blue screen and then back to a logon, dumping anything that was running. Apple's Console app will show you crash logs, but interestingly, they don't show the same ones that TattleTale System shows, and that are the crash logs involved with the WindowServer...
This has been one of the more painful upgrades for me. Where my USB-attached HP Color Laserjet 1500L worked under Leopard, I can't find a driver nor get it to work under any of the other drivers with Snow Leopard. HP doesn't show this printer as either "supported" or "unsupported" for Snow Leopard. Rosetta has crashed me back to a relaunch of the Finder on several occasions with Microsoft Office v.X, and I can recreate the crash consistently using HP's ImageZone...
What we need is to merge turn-by-turn GPS with such iPhone apps as Trapster. That would be truly useful - real-time speed trap and photo-enforced-stoplight alerts while you drive.
OK, well my first sync with iTunes finally finished (like I said, the backup took forever). The notes on my iPhone did not sync with the notes in Apple's Mail app, so I tried it again. I checked the Notes checkbox in iTunes and hit Apply, and it spun the beachball for a few seconds and then the Notes item unchecked itself, the iPhone synced, and still no updated Notes. Can anyone see if they can get this to work?
Went into iTunes to activate the Notes sync, checked the box, clicked on the Apply button, and the checked box became unchecked. Also told it to sync my address book contacts. Taking frigging FOREVER to back up my iPhone!!! Also tried the Find my Mac feature (the Mac Observer has a step-by-step on how to configure everything). Logged into MobileMe from my Mac, clicked on the Accounts button, and it sat there trying to load and finally gave up. Tried it several times...
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