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Has an availability date been announced yet?  Or is it still an unknown date in October?
I'll buy one if it will be thinner.
I'll buy the next 4" iPhone. Until then, my 5S will remain in service.
Switching from two cores to four cores could improve battery life. Power-saving mode typically shuts down all the cores except one. One core operation with a quad-core chip is likely to consume less power than one core operation with a dual-core chip.
We're not talking about restrictions on pre-orders.  We're talking about restrictions on walk-ins without an appointment.
 Not so simple.  The scalpers pay $50 per phone.  They would have to raise that to $100 per phone to keep the same number of scalpers.  To get more scalpers would require a further increase in the price, trashing their margins.  One iPhone per person would probably put the scalpers out of business.
 It would work perfectly.  If the two people are so close they can queue together -- or separately -- or one person can queue twice if she loves her that much.
The way to shut down the scalpers and ensure stock for people buying an iPhone for themselves is to limit purchases to one iPhone, not two. Selling two iPhones to each person makes scalping profitable and screws over the people who just want to buy one.
Touch ID is required for online Apple Pay support from within apps.  However, it's not required for in store purchases.  Apple Watch with an iPhone 5 or 5C (no Touch ID) used for setup and syncing and then left at home is enough for Apple Watch to support Apple Pay. See the bottom of this page: http://www.apple.com/apple-pay/
We're talking about government rules.  Of course they're stupid. Anyway, it's plainly obvious that Apple are using the bond revenue for stock buyback.  There is no other way they could be buying back as much stock as they have been.
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