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Some people have smaller hands than you do.
Give us a 4" iPhone that supports Apple Pay!!! Not everyone wants a two-handed 4.7" phablet.
Some people are just looking for opportunities to take offense -- or pretend to take offense.   This is not newsworthy.
I'll buy a 4" iPhone which supports Apple Pay, so long as it doesn't cost more than $1000. I hope it will have a 12MP camera and 3D Touch.
I think the more important questions are: 1) how many will Apple sell this quarter, the holiday quarter in North America and Europe, and 2) how many will Apple sell next quarter, the holiday quarter in China. Eventually, Apple will report watch revenues separately, rather than as part of "Other", but we'll probably have to wait until FY2016/17 for that.
 The effects of dividends and buybacks on the stock price are virtually indistinguishable from each other.  The idea that shifting cash from one to the other is going to make the stock more or less attractive to investors is to assume that investors are superstitious.  Probably a few are, but not enough to materially impact the stock price.
If it costs the same as the iPhone 6S Plus, I'll buy one.
The Guardian is only slightly more serious than National Enquirer or Weekly World News. It's basically an anti-semitic hate rag that reprints wire reports like AP, AFP, etc. in order to look credible.
The hardware can do 4K streaming. It will happen when the contracts with the content owners have been signed.
Dividends per share have risen 37% from 38 cents to 52 cents over the last three years, but total dividends paid per quarter have risen only 20% from $2.5B to $3.0B over the same time -- due to the declining number of shares outstanding as a result of the buybacks. At the same time, cash on hand has increased 70%. Clearly, Apple could afford to raise dividends, perhaps even to $1.00 per share.
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