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This is claiming that the 4th gen Apple TV will have an A9 processor. I think A8 is more likely.
Swatch's position is complete nonsense.  Trademarks are industry specific.  For example, Apple Computer, Inc. (now renamed Apple, Inc.) and Apple Music, Inc. (the Beatles' company) only had a trademark clash when Apple Computer, Inc. started to do music.  Columbo has nothing to do with the watch industry and is therefore completely irrelevant.  All trademark law disputes are judged primarily on the basis of whether or not consumers would be confused about the origin of a...
That's essentially correct.  The term of the bonds must exceed a threshold (I think three years) or else the IRS would consider the sale and repayment of the bonds to be one transaction, which would make it a taxable repatriation. The important thing is to prevent the US government from sucking the money out of the economy and then using it to bomb children, drone strike weddings, and topple secular governments around the world.
I'm glad that Apple are not funding the evils of government more than they have to.
 I did read the article.  When Apple make their move, we'll see who's right.
Every year, Apple replace older models with better models, usually at the same price point.  In this case, Apple have a strategic imperative to support Apple Pay on all iPhones sold in the US and UK.  It's time to relegate the 5s to developing markets, just like Apple did with the 4s.
I hope and expect that the 6c will have a 4" screen.  In my opinion, the big hole in the current iPhone line is the lack of a 4" iPhone that supports Apple Pay.
I think the lineup is more likely to be: - 6s Plus, $299 on contract - 6s, $199 on contract - 6, $99 on contract - 6c, free on contract ... with the 5s continued only in an 8GB model for developing markets like India and Brazil.
 I think that's about right -- except that the 6 Plus would be discontinued when the 6S and 6S Plus are introduced.  A 6C (whether plastic or metal) could not have only the features of the 5S.  A 6C would have to support Apple Pay.  It would not get Force Touch, which even the 6 does not have.  A 6C would probably have most of the features of the 6, but stuffed into a 4" frame.  It might be thicker than the 6, but thinner than the 5S.
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