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 No, the iPhone 6 would fit that gap and the 6C would replace the 5S at the bottom.
When will Samsung pull out of the smartphone market?
Flash should have been dead five years ago.
 I hope that 10.11 El Capitan will at least remove any remaining 32-bit Apple legacy code (if there is any other than the libraries required to run 32-bit apps).  Keeping around the 32-bit libraries to support 32-bit apps is a drag for Apple and keeping around hardware to support 32-bit instructions is a drag for Intel.  We may not be ready to drop 32-bit app support now, but we should be preparing to do so in the future.
The S1 is a 32-bit chip.  The main assertion of the article (which perhaps might be wrong) is that the new iPod Touch will have a 64-bit chip.  Assuming that the iPod Touch will continue to have a display resolution of 1136x640 (six times more pixels than the 42mm Apple Watch), how well would an S1 drive that display (watching movies or playing games)? I could more easily imagine an S1 chip in an iPod nano if Apple were to decide that the nano should support Apple Pay....
I think we're approaching the time when it will make sense for Apple to stop supporting legacy 32-bit apps.  The transition from 32-bit apps to 64-bit apps began with 10.4 Tiger in 2005 and was reasonably complete with 10.7 Snow Leopard in 2009.
I don't know whether or not the A7 can support Apple Pay. I hope and expect the new iPod Touch to support Apple Pay, so perhaps it will get an A8 (if the A7 cannot support Apple Pay).
My guess is that the 4th gen Apple TV will be physically capable of streaming 4K content, but that it will not initially be supported due to lack of progress in contract negotiation with the content owners.
Wrong direction.  I cannot reach _across_ the screen of the iPhone 6, let alone up and down it.
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