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If I'm reading this correctly, the 2013 MacBook Air will have better integrated graphics than the 13" 2012 MacBook Pro.
Eventually, even big iron servers will be disposable non-serviceable units.  I guess the next generation of the iMac and the Mac Mini will be completely sealed and just as upgradeable as an iPad.  The Mac Pro will probably be the last Mac to not even have user installable memory, but it will eventually happen.   To those who say they will never buy one, fine, keep using 201x hardware until it dies -- even when eyeglasses have 100x more computing power than your Mac...
I would love to put a wager on that.
What do you mean by classic 15" ???  Do you mean non-Retina?  It is possible that Apple might offer non-Retina MBPs with Haswell, but I would be surprised.  I'm not even sure that Apple will offer non-Retina MBAs with Haswell.
I disagree with the premise that the entry-level price of the Retina MBPs must match the current entry-level price of the non-Retina MBPs.  Also, if we look at the prices the resellers are now charging, it seems the costs are coming down as the yields are rising.  I don't expect any large margin drops, either soon or farther into the future.
I think it's a safe bet that Apple will drop the non-Retina MBPs when the Haswell MBPs ship. I suggest buying one soon then.  The non-Retina MBPs might not still be available this summer.
Why non-Retina?  Price?  Or is there something else about the Retina MBP that you don't like?
If you need to run Mac apps on a device roughly the size of an iPad, the 11" MacBook Air is the solution.
What does that mean exactly?  There is an app you want that is not available?
Considering how the Microsoft Surface and all other tablets of the sort you describe have been a terrible failure in the market, it would seem that Apple will not go there but rather will continue to produce what customers want.   It's already possible to use a bluetooth keyboard with an iPad.  Some 3rd parties make iPad cases with built-in bluetooth keyboards, though only about 1% of the iPads I see are used with keyboards.
New Posts  All Forums: