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In order to have a fair chance of success in the market, they'll have to dump MS Windows and run less crappy software like Symbian or Android.
If Microsoft are smart, they'll use either Android or Symbian to run their own tablets.
That's not how it works.  They are assembled on the same line.  The switch between 8GB and 16GB is done at a work shift change.
It's the other way around.  Soldering the RAM on the motherboard, rather than on SO-DIMMs, is cheaper because there are fewer parts and fewer manufacturing steps.
Cost: will be lower because there are fewer parts and fewer assembly steps. Reliability: One QCs memory chips before soldering them to the motherboard. Performance: Future JEDEC specs will support higher bandwidth and lower latency ONLY for directly soldered RAM. Compact design: At least one out of four benefits was obvious.
When I predicted here that the next MacBook Pro would have RAM soldered directly onto the motherboard, no one believed me.  This means lower cost, higher reliability, better performance, and a more compact design.  All manufacturers will follow Apple's lead on this.
Better cameras would not be a surprise.  
I don't find this at all plausible.  Some rumor monger seems to be trying to compensate for something.  
Obviously disinformation or a fake.  
It's not in Apple's interest to make it more attractive for 3rd party device manufactures to get behind USB3 because that would reduce the demand for Thunderbolt devices.  My guess is that Apple will not disable USB3 in hardware, but will not make USB3 drivers available in 10.8 unless there is an overwhelming customer outcry for it.  I expect Apple's response to be something like: "Thunderbolt is better than USB3, therefore we are supporting Thunderbolt.  If you don't...
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