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Microsoft should concentrate on what they do well, hardware, and get out of the software business.
Yes, it's clear that the old, thick, and heavy MacBook Pro with the internal optical brick will go away.  I guess it will happen with the introduction of Haswell processors, but it might have to wait for the introduction of Broadwell processors.  It will depend on relative sales and on Retina display yields.   When Apple are able to consolidate their MacBook Pro line by dropping the internal optical brick, it might be an opportunity to introduce a 17" Retina MacBook Pro....
Compared to a 13" Retina MacBook Air, the 13" Retina MacBook Pro will have a much faster processor, probably 16GB (by then) versus 8GB of RAM, more ports, and longer battery life.
I used to the think there was a good chance that Apple would offer a 15" MacBook Air.  However, the release of the thin and light Retina MacBook Pro has dashed any such hopes.   On the other hand, the Retina MacBook Air is just a question of timing and will depend primarily on yields.  My guess is that, with the introduction of Haswell processors, Apple will drop the old heavy and thick MacBook Pro with optical brick and offer the MacBook Air with a choice of the current...
I'm completely happy with my Apple TV. I'm not sure what there is to improve, other than perhaps lowering the production cost. The 4.22 mm reduction in size might allow for smaller packaging and a reduction in shipping costs. Anyway, I can't see any reason to replace the Apple TV I already have.
Disgraceful! Tim Cook should have been first runner up after Malala Yousafzai. Morsi is a brutal thuggish dictator.
Those are not beta versions. Those are alpha versions. The difference is that they have not been released outside Apple.
It seems like most users can't wait to upgrade to Apple Maps, despite the loud complaints of a few users.
Given how fractured the worldwide LTE market is these days, with different chips needed for different markets, I think this is a smart move on Apple's part.  Customer's who need an integrated cellular capability can buy the 9.7inch iPad.  Waiting a year before introducing cellular data to the iPad Mini also allows Apple to introduce LTE to the 9.7inch iPad first, which is appropriate for the high end.
The old (Google-based) Maps app had a very tiny cache for maps data -- at least 10x too small.  The new Maps app seems to have no map data cache at all.
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