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Anyone who is still thinking of Apple as a computer company is confused. Apple are a consumer electronics company, not a computer company. There is a reason why Apple changed their name from Apple Computer Inc. to Apple Inc. (in January of 2007).
Yes. Just two years from now, in 2014, Apple will be able to introduce a Mac Mini faster than today's entry-level Mac Pro.A 512GB SSD in 2012 will be one of those things that if you have to ask about the price, you can't afford it. I expect it to cost more than the 2011 price of the 256GB SSD. The good news is that prices will continue to drop fast.I rather suspect Apple would put the GPU on the motherboard.I strongly disagree. For another few years, MacBook Pro SSD...
Then starting a few years from now, you'll never again be able to buy a new computer. You'll be stuck with pre-2015 computers for the rest of your life.
I expect the next 13" MacBook Pro to look more like this: - No ODD. - Modified Air form (slightly thicker to accommodate a bigger battery and greater airflow). - Ivy bridge with integrated GPU, quad-core. - Discrete GPU. - 4 GB RAM, 8 GB option. - Blade form SSD bay with 128/256/512 GB drive. - No HDD. - RAM, SSD not user replaceable. - 2560x1600 resolution. - Glossy screen without glass panel. Option for matte without glass panel. - One TB port. - Two or three USB 2...
That ranks right up there with: - The automobile can never replace the horse for personal transportation. - Mobile phones can never replace fixed land-line phones. - Carbon tennis rackets can never replace wood. - Fountain pens can never replace quill pens. - The electric lightbulb can never replace gas lamps. - Radial tires can never replace bias-ply tires. - Jet aircraft can never replace propeller aircraft. - English can never replace French as the international...
Outsiders, who have never walked in the shoes of the Foxconn workers, are insisting that Foxconn workers be prohibited from working the hours they want to work. The consequence is that some of these workers will no longer be able to send their children to university. The FLA ... keeping the poor poor.
The idea of two SSD card slots is a good idea. In 2012, Apple could offer SSD cards of up to 512GB each, for a total of 1TB. That would, of course, be an expensive configuration, but few users need more than 256GB in a laptop. Many users are still buying the 64GB MacBook Air, though I would expect 128GB to be the minimum configuration for the MacBook Pro. The idea of three SSD card slots is silly. The idea of two Thunderbolt ports is also silly. The five year...
HP used to be a little bit more like Apple, in that they were a high-quality, high-margin, moderate volume business. Then they idiotically bought Compaq, a low-quality, low-margin, high-volume business. The worst possible clash of corporate cultures ensued and devastated HP. The way for HP to become more like Apple is to spin off Compaq.
I don't believe this rumor.
Some possible improvements that we might see in the next iPhone: - LTE - 1GB of RAM (up from the current 512MB) - 10 megapixel camera - Gorilla Glass 2 (would allow for either more battery capacity or a slightly thinner phone) - faster CPU/GPU (more responsive)
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