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About the last thing Apple will want to do is get back into manufacturing. A better idea would be to set up Apple Labs in India or Israel or Singapore and employ engineers and lawyers to develop and patent technologies that might be useful to Apple in the future.Microsoft stamping out the competition had nothing to do with their stock splits. They are unrelated. It would be a stretch, but one could try to argue that stamping out the competition enabled the stock splits....
MSFT will never increase significantly in value because Microsoft will never again enjoy rapid earnings growth. Splitting the stock has nothing to do with it. Apple could announce a 10 for 1 stock split and the effect on market cap would be negligible. The advantage of a stock split is that it would slightly increase liquidity for small investors, leading to negligible upward pressure on stock price. The disadvantage is that it would increase commissions for some...
My guess is that the 2012 MacBook Pro will keep the Ethernet port and drop the Firewire port. If they drop the Ethernet port, it would be to achieve a thinner profile.
I don't believe these 7-8 inch iPad rumors.
What you seem to be missing is software. People don't buy a Mac Pro rather than a PeeCee just because they like Apple hardware. People buy Macs because they want OSX and the software solutions which it provides. If the software is sufficiently better, the hardware doesn't need to be the cheapest.There are some computational applications for which Thunderbolt has ample bandwidth and the tighter integration of a Thunderbolt connection may offer advantages over an Ethernet...
It looks like you may have missed the point. Apple do not need to produce specialized hardware. All Apple need to do beyond the current Thunderbolt and OpenCL support is provide some addition software, as Marvin has specified above. Third-party hardware manufacturers would then produce the Thunderbolt accessory hardware desired by the market. Once the solution is in place for rendering, third-party software developers would exploit it for other applications. The...
Of course I don't use MS Windows. I didn't write that it takes all night. It takes long enough that I'm not willing to wait for it, so I let it run at night. Overnight is long enough, whether using the cable or Wifi.Is the current connector faster than USB 2.0? I'm skeptical that USB 2.0 can keep up with the flash chips.
There is nothing in US or EU anti-trust law which can reasonably be construed as requiring Intel to support PCI forever.
I buy a new iPhone and a new iPad every year. I want Apple to replace the current connector with one supporting Thunderbolt because now syncing a new 64GB device (whether by Wifi or the current wired connector) is so slow that I let it run overnight.
Good point.Now that Wifi syncing is supported, I never connect my iOS devices to my laptop anymore, so I think it's safe to drop the USB syncing capability.
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