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It's always possible to find someone willing to take command of a sinking ship.
The idea that Apple would release an iPad 4 in 2012 is so ridiculous that AppleInsider have tarnished their own credibility by republishing it.
I would not be surprised to see iPad 2 production continue and prices drop by $100 when the iPad 3 is released. I would be very surprised by a larger price drop.
Think USB over Thunderbolt.
1. iOS device backups that now take a few minutes would be just about instantaneous. iOS device backups which now take an hour or more would complete in less than a minute. 2. It would help drive the adoption of Thunderbolt, which is a strategic technology for Apple. 3. It would give owners of iOS device another reason to choose Mac rather than PeeCee when they replace their computer.
I don't expect Apple to redesign the connector until they are ready switch it from USB to Thunderbolt. They need to have Macs with Thunderbolt ports compose a much higher proportion of the Mac installed based before that, so it won't happen before 2013. After the change, syncing new iOS devices via USB with a legacy computer would require an extra dongle.
Liddicoats was the site of the first Mrs. Fields Cookie shop, first a tiny place toward the back, later prime space at the front.
Apple should buy Kodak.
This is a huge win for every US mobile phone customer and a minor win for every mobile phone customer outside the US.
I think "slew" meant the current range of capacity options: 64GB, 128GB, 256GB. I think the idea of two SSD slots in a 15" MacBook Air makes sense. I don't see any chance of three SSD slots. Nor do I see any chance of a second Thunderbolt port on any MacBook Air -- at least not until Apple drop the USB ports, which I expect is still years away.
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