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Google's position comes close to evil. I'm not sure there is a fair and reasonable way to standardize licensing fees for FRAND patents, but opposition to the other two parts of the proposal, transparency and the bar on injunctions, is very evil.
Porting an OS to a different processor architecture is a great way to find existing bugs in low-level OS code. With the resources available to Apple, they would be nuts if they were not routinely porting OS X to every processor architecture (even including some no longer shipping like PA RISC) with each major OS X release i.e. about every second year. The above is an ideal project to give to a new hire because while important, it has little urgency and the consequences...
I agree. That's bold extrapolation, but it's plausible. If true, that probably means Apple selling about 300 million iPads in 2017.
Kent State, Waco, etc. don't justify boycotting American firms any more than similar incidents in China justify boycotting Chinese firms.
Rubbish. Working conditions in US factories were improving at a faster rate in the late 19th century and very early 20th century before the legalization of unions. The introduction of unions in the US put the brakes on and dramatically slowed down the rate of improvement in factory working conditions. The unions were corrupt and controlled by the mafia before the first strike. Unions have never been anything other than a protection racket, sucking union dues from the...
Once upon a time, the NYT was a serious publication with generally ethical journalists and editors. That time is long past.
If Symbian is a burning platform, then Windows Mobile is a sunken shipwreck. No doubt Microsoft have compensated Elop very well for the move.
Holiday quarter of 2011 or 2012?
It's always possible to find someone willing to take command of a sinking ship.
The idea that Apple would release an iPad 4 in 2012 is so ridiculous that AppleInsider have tarnished their own credibility by republishing it.
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