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That ranks right up there with: - The automobile can never replace the horse for personal transportation. - Mobile phones can never replace fixed land-line phones. - Carbon tennis rackets can never replace wood. - Fountain pens can never replace quill pens. - The electric lightbulb can never replace gas lamps. - Radial tires can never replace bias-ply tires. - Jet aircraft can never replace propeller aircraft. - English can never replace French as the international...
Outsiders, who have never walked in the shoes of the Foxconn workers, are insisting that Foxconn workers be prohibited from working the hours they want to work. The consequence is that some of these workers will no longer be able to send their children to university. The FLA ... keeping the poor poor.
The idea of two SSD card slots is a good idea. In 2012, Apple could offer SSD cards of up to 512GB each, for a total of 1TB. That would, of course, be an expensive configuration, but few users need more than 256GB in a laptop. Many users are still buying the 64GB MacBook Air, though I would expect 128GB to be the minimum configuration for the MacBook Pro. The idea of three SSD card slots is silly. The idea of two Thunderbolt ports is also silly. The five year...
HP used to be a little bit more like Apple, in that they were a high-quality, high-margin, moderate volume business. Then they idiotically bought Compaq, a low-quality, low-margin, high-volume business. The worst possible clash of corporate cultures ensued and devastated HP. The way for HP to become more like Apple is to spin off Compaq.
I don't believe this rumor.
Some possible improvements that we might see in the next iPhone: - LTE - 1GB of RAM (up from the current 512MB) - 10 megapixel camera - Gorilla Glass 2 (would allow for either more battery capacity or a slightly thinner phone) - faster CPU/GPU (more responsive)
About the last thing Apple will want to do is get back into manufacturing. A better idea would be to set up Apple Labs in India or Israel or Singapore and employ engineers and lawyers to develop and patent technologies that might be useful to Apple in the future.Microsoft stamping out the competition had nothing to do with their stock splits. They are unrelated. It would be a stretch, but one could try to argue that stamping out the competition enabled the stock splits....
MSFT will never increase significantly in value because Microsoft will never again enjoy rapid earnings growth. Splitting the stock has nothing to do with it. Apple could announce a 10 for 1 stock split and the effect on market cap would be negligible. The advantage of a stock split is that it would slightly increase liquidity for small investors, leading to negligible upward pressure on stock price. The disadvantage is that it would increase commissions for some...
My guess is that the 2012 MacBook Pro will keep the Ethernet port and drop the Firewire port. If they drop the Ethernet port, it would be to achieve a thinner profile.
I don't believe these 7-8 inch iPad rumors.
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