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If I could get Apple to fix only one problem in Maps, it would be the lack of map data caching.  Many people need to rely on maps when they either have no Internet connection or when the only possible Internet connection involved expensive data roaming.  It's important to be able to load a route in advance, when one has a Wifi connection, and have Maps cache all the relevant map data.
My biggest problem with both the old Google Maps and the new Apple Maps is that neither caches enough map data. Both apps seem to have presumed that everyone will always have an Internet connection with free data. The reality is that people drive in places without cellular data service and in places where data roaming is expensive. The cache size should be increased by a factor of about ten i.e. one order of magnitude.
For me, so far, Apple Maps have been working better than Google Maps, with few cartographic errors. Your mileage may vary.
The FBI has denied it, but the FBI has not refuted anything.  To refute the claims, the FBI would need evidence showing that the claims are false.  The FBI seems to have no such evidence.
Yields will improve such that Apple will be able to offer a 17" rMBP probably in 2013 or, at the latest, in 2014.  The ability to offer one doesn't guarantee that they will, but the current inability to offer one probably explains why Apple dropped the 17" model from the line.
Where do you get this???   The Mini is one of the best selling desktops not just right now, but in the history of computing.  The reason the Mini sells so very well is because it does meet the requirements of common desktop users.
That's not even a slap on the wrist.  It's more like the FTC blew Google a kiss to the wrist.
Sigh...  You hit the nail on the head regarding the Osborne Effect, then add this gratuitous silliness.  Sure, technically, there is a possibility that the iPhone, iPad, and Mac are dead so that Apple can concentrate on iPods.  However, like the dead Mini idea, the possibility is so remote that's silly to bring it up.  The Mac Mini will be dead when either the Mac is dead or desktops are dead.  Apple will not kill the Mini just because it doesn't meet the needs of one...
This story has an extremely misleading introduction.  Apple are not "partly" to blame.  Apple are entirely to blame.   When the hacker was unable to answer the security questions, the tech support employee should have put the hacker on hold, phoned Mat Honan's iPhone, and asked if he had just phoned Apple tech support to change his iCloud password.
I would rather have last year's Mini.
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