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Think USB over Thunderbolt.
1. iOS device backups that now take a few minutes would be just about instantaneous. iOS device backups which now take an hour or more would complete in less than a minute. 2. It would help drive the adoption of Thunderbolt, which is a strategic technology for Apple. 3. It would give owners of iOS device another reason to choose Mac rather than PeeCee when they replace their computer.
I don't expect Apple to redesign the connector until they are ready switch it from USB to Thunderbolt. They need to have Macs with Thunderbolt ports compose a much higher proportion of the Mac installed based before that, so it won't happen before 2013. After the change, syncing new iOS devices via USB with a legacy computer would require an extra dongle.
Liddicoats was the site of the first Mrs. Fields Cookie shop, first a tiny place toward the back, later prime space at the front.
Apple should buy Kodak.
This is a huge win for every US mobile phone customer and a minor win for every mobile phone customer outside the US.
I think "slew" meant the current range of capacity options: 64GB, 128GB, 256GB. I think the idea of two SSD slots in a 15" MacBook Air makes sense. I don't see any chance of three SSD slots. Nor do I see any chance of a second Thunderbolt port on any MacBook Air -- at least not until Apple drop the USB ports, which I expect is still years away.
I can carry a 17" MBP all day -- until I get to an airport, at which point I have to leave behind or check as baggage either the MBP or everything else. I'll be flying tomorrow and I can take either my iPad2 or my 13" MBA, but not both because of the 8kg carry-on limit.
If the clock speed stays the same, the voltage stays the same, and the number of transistors stays the same, then a 22nm CPU would use about 47% as much power as a 32nm version of the same CPU. However, we know that the number of transistors will be increasing from Sandy Bridge to Ivy Bridge, so the power cut will be closer to 40% for similarly clocked CPUs with the same number of cores. Nevertheless, performance per watt will roughly double.
Good! There is already too little competition in the US mobile phone industry. This takeover, if it were to go through, would result in consumers paying higher prices for lower quality services.
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