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Touch ID is required for online Apple Pay support from within apps.  However, it's not required for in store purchases.  Apple Watch with an iPhone 5 or 5C (no Touch ID) used for setup and syncing and then left at home is enough for Apple Watch to support Apple Pay. See the bottom of this page: http://www.apple.com/apple-pay/
We're talking about government rules.  Of course they're stupid. Anyway, it's plainly obvious that Apple are using the bond revenue for stock buyback.  There is no other way they could be buying back as much stock as they have been.
The Apple Watch supports Apple Pay without any need for an iPhone nearby.  The only reason the Apple Watch needs an iPhone at all is for software updates and data syncing.  One can leave the iPhone at home and Apple Pay still works fine using an Apple Watch. I'll buy an Apple Watch when they are thinner.  I expect a 4" iPhone with a more up-to-date feature set than the iPhone 5S will be released first.
I don't want one. It's too big for me to use one-handed. I'll wait for the iPhone 6C. Until then, I'll make do with my iPhone 5S, though I would really like Apple Pay support.
Whether or not you believe it is irrelevant.  Apple USA gets the proceeds from the bond sale and can use non-US funds to pay the debt -- so long as the term of the bonds is long enough that the IRS considers the issue and settlement of the bonds to be separate transactions.
The proceeds from the bond sale are US funds, so they can be used to pay dividends or buy back AAPL stock.  Settlement of the debt is done with foreign funds, so that money doesn't need to be repatriated to the US.
I note that all the Skylake-H processors are rated at 45W -- no more 35W parts. This may increase Apple's desire to finally drop the last vestige of discrete GPUs from the MacBook Pro line.
This is claiming that the 4th gen Apple TV will have an A9 processor. I think A8 is more likely.
Swatch's position is complete nonsense.  Trademarks are industry specific.  For example, Apple Computer, Inc. (now renamed Apple, Inc.) and Apple Music, Inc. (the Beatles' company) only had a trademark clash when Apple Computer, Inc. started to do music.  Columbo has nothing to do with the watch industry and is therefore completely irrelevant.  All trademark law disputes are judged primarily on the basis of whether or not consumers would be confused about the origin of a...
That's essentially correct.  The term of the bonds must exceed a threshold (I think three years) or else the IRS would consider the sale and repayment of the bonds to be one transaction, which would make it a taxable repatriation. The important thing is to prevent the US government from sucking the money out of the economy and then using it to bomb children, drone strike weddings, and topple secular governments around the world.
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