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If the Canadian government wants to have competition in the mobile handset market, they need to 1) make it illegal to sell locked phones and 2) prohibit mobile service contracts longer than 12 months.
Zuckerberg is deceptive. While it's true that the interests of Apple customers and Apple Inc. are not perfectly aligned, they are much more closely aligned than the interests of Facebook users and Facebook Inc. Tim Cook's point about Apple not having a financial interest in selling Apple customer's privacy is well grounded. Facebook's business model is selling their users' privacy to advertisers. Selling privacy to advertisers is Facebook's only source of revenue.
How many children did the DOJ murder at Waco in 1993? If I recall correctly, the DOJ murdered 19 children in that raid, about half of whom hadn't yet reached their 3rd birthday.
It will drive a 4K display at 24Hz.
I normally buy a new iPhone every year, but I'm skipping the iPhone 6. I'll wait for the 6s with the hope that it will be offered in a 4" model.
Evil loves evil.
 No doubt that Apple's business model is based on the ecosystem.  Apple may or may not adjust the Apple TV business model following the Beats acquisition.  None of that suggests that Apple will not update the Apple TV hardware this summer, to improve performance and perhaps add support for 4K content and apps, including games.
Apple should release a 4th generation Apple TV prior to Sony's release.
It makes a lot of sense to eventually integrated the baseband processor into the A series CPU/GPU (to improve performance, battery life, reliability, and reduce cost). Designing their own discrete baseband processor would be the obvious incremental step along that path.
I hope Apple will release the new Apple TV before Google releases its copy.
New Posts  All Forums: