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This will last only until the next contract negotiation between Delta and the pilot's union -- if the MS Surface remains in production that long.
I cannot fathom why this article does not either mention pricing for factory-unlocked no-contract phones or, if they won't be available, then say so.
Good point.  iBooks are much higher quality than Kindle books.  iBooks seem to be copy-edited while Kindle books seem to be OCRed without any checking for OCR errors.
Amazon contributed huge sums to Obama's election campaigns.  Apple didn't.  Payback time.
That's absurd.  Apple do not require employees to bring bags to work, so not one is required to be there for a bag search.
Time to turn the lights out.
Consumers want real iPads, not fake iPads.
Obvious collusion.
Stand fast Apple. I look forward to the day when NTT DoCoMo is no longer the largest carrier in Japan.
The Haswell chips with Iris Pro graphics (Iris Pro 5100 for the 13" and Iris Pro 5200 for 15") are only sampling; they are not shipping yet.  Apple will ship the new rMBPs when Intel can supply sufficient quantities of suitable Haswell chips.
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