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"Previous OS X 10.9.3 betas added pixel-doubling scaling support, suggesting the upcoming maintenance update will bring a so-called "Retina" output mode for users connecting their late-2013 MacBook Pro with Retina display to external 4K monitors." What about 2012 and early-2013 rMBPs? Will they not support pixel-doubling scaling on 4K monitors? I have an early-2013 15" rMBP.
It's not a secret that the Apple TV is ripe for a significant refresh in order to support 4K movies and an App Store with productivity, lifestyle, and game apps. To do that, Apple may be expected to make numerous incremental updates to hardware components: A5 -> A6 or A7 CPU 512MB -> 1GB of DRAM 8GB -> 16GB or 32GB of flash storage 100Mbit -> 1Gbit Ethernet 802.11n -> 802.11ac Wifi HDMI 1.2 -> HDMI 1.4
I suspect truth is that T-mobile were no longer willing to waste valuable shelf space on Blackberry products which no longer sell.
The law of large numbers doesn't suggest this at all.  The analyst who suggested it is ignorant of Bayes Law.   It is like saying that someone who has just won three coin tosses in a row has a less than 50% chance of winning the next coin toss, which is nonsense.  The chance of winning the next coin toss is always 50% regardless of how many coin tosses have been won or lost in the past.   In the case of successful products, a good history probably tends to predict a...
 It depends on the content.  I know some people who claim that the 3rd generation Apple TV is glitchy with fast action movies, but I've never seen it with my own or my friends'.  The 3rd generation Apple TV is probably fast enough to display very easy 4K content. I suspect the timing of the 4th generation Apple TV might depend in part on Apple signing new contracts with the content providers.
I think Apple may have been breaking even on the Apple TV two years ago, when it was last updated, but now they are probably earning profit on each sale due to lower component costs and a fully developed production capability. If Apple keep the $99 when they update the Apple TV with an A6 or A7, 1GB of DRAM, 16GB or 32GB of flash, 802.11ac Wifi, and Gigabit Ethernet in order to support an App Store (including games) and 4K movies, then I believe Apple would be struggling...
Apple might do well to surprise announce the 4th generation Apple TV the day before Amazon's announcement.
 Yes.  Airline seats typically last about four to six years, then the whole cabin gets torn out and replaced.  Seat cushions are replaced as needed.
 The safety demonstration is mandatory, however, it does not have to include a video presentation.  Many airlines still do their safety demonstrations without a video.  Many airlines have no video entertainment system onboard.
 There is no way airlines are going back to projectors and cabin screens.  iPad rental is much more likely. Some airlines offer AC power, some offer USB power, some offer both.  Nonsense.  A faraday absorbs RF.  It does not reflect it.
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