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The rumors are that the Mac Mini will be replaced by the Mac Nano. I expect the Mac Nano will be based on Santa Rosa.
Guys, let's not argue over semantics of what's an update and what's not. There are three kinds of changes to an Apple product offering: - all new designs, which happen ever few years e.g. from the TiBook to the aluminium PowerBooks - speedbumps where each price point is faster than before, which happen about twice a year e.g. today's changes to the MacBook, and - updated build to order options e.g. today's changes to the MacBook Pro.
Anybody stupid enough to type in their administrator password to install software they found on a porn website deserves whatever they have coming. Why on earth would a legitimate porn site write a custom codec? That is so obviously wrong that I have no sympathy for the dupes.
Sold inclusive? That would drive up the price for the 80% of customers who don't need it.
- screen resolution above 200 dpi - lighter weight
Compared to running the version from http://www.openoffice.org/ through X Windows, NeoOffice is gorgeous. Performance is tolerable on my 12" 1.5GHz 1.25GB PowerBook. Features and stability are fine. I imagine that performance would be good on new hardware with at least 2GB of memory.
The iMac was recently updated, so I don't expect it to be updated again before Montevina ships next summer. Updates seem to be immanent over the next four months for products including: MacBook Pro, Xserve, Mac Pro, and the new Mac Nano to replace the Mac Mini.
I agree. The MacBook looks like better value at the moment than the MacBook Pro. However, both are too large and too heavy for me, so I'm sticking with my 12" PowerBook until Apple introduce something lighter in weight.
Really? Yippee! Thank Dog that Apple finally cleaned out all the cruft needed to support Classic. Now I'm starting to look forward to Leopard despite Resolution Independence not being ready.
I think it's a safe bet we won't see another MacBook speedbump at MWSF. There is no more new hardware coming from Intel that Apple would put in the MacBook in January. On the other hand, whatever mobile Penryns Apple can get will probably go in the MacBook Pro.
New Posts  All Forums: