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The MacBook Pro should get a little speedbump when Penryn becomes available in January. I don't expect a major redesign before Montevina ships (June or so) if then. I hope that 128GB solid-state drives are shipping by then. The 64GB drives just started shipping recently. The main advantage of Penryn for the MacBook Pro will be lower power consumption and longer battery life. There will probably be a measurable performance increase (for a given clock rate), but I...
Yes, I finally found traces of evidence. It's the most understated speedbump I've ever seen from Apple. I guess they don't want to take attention away from Leopard.
Which will be next -- the Mac Nano or a MacPro update? Now is holiday shopping season for consumer Macs, which would suggest the Mac Nano. Also, Apple may not have enough Penryns stocked up yet to start shipping Penryn-based MacPros. Added: I don't see any evidence of a MacBook update at apple.com.
The native MacOS X port is http://www.neooffice.org/
Apple have to draw a line somewhere. It would not be right to leave it up to the whim of Apple Store employees.
Updates generally occur when either new processors or new chipsets are available from Intel. Intel publish these dates months in advance. For example, it's a fairly safe bet that Apple will update the MacBook Pro, Mac Pro, and Xserve when suitable Penryn CPUs become available (November for desktops and servers, January for laptops).
I would not expect the next ACDs to have LED backlighting. Someday, but not in 2007.
You're right. Apple won't put a quad-core processor in a laptop until Intel release the successor to Nehalem in 2009 on a 32 nanometer process. Any quad-core processor on a 45 nanometer process will generate too much heat. Also, not so many applications that one typically runs on a laptop can take full advantage of more than two cores.
Thanks ronster. By comparison, the GeForce FX Go5200 in my current 1.5MHz 12" PowerBook seems to have: Unified Shaders (stream processors): ? Core Clock Speed: up to 300 MHz Fill rate: <1 Billion Texel /s Bandwidth Max: 9.6 GB/s So, the X3100 would seem to offer better graphics performance than the GeForce FX Go5200, which is already fine for my needs.
What features does the Nvidia graphics in the MBP have that the X3100 doesn't have?
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