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4everskiff, I think late January or February would be a great time to buy a MBP. If you like the aluminium design, then what's the problem? I expect it will continue to be new-looking for a few more years.
Intel are expected to ship notebook Penryns in January and Montevina in May or June. Nothing about Penryn requires changes to the case. On the other hand, Montevina will support HDMI and DisplayPort, one or the other of which will probably be supported by Apple. Also, the new wireless technologies supported by Montevina might require some reengineering of the case. So, if there is to be a case redesign, I would expect it to accompany Montevina rather than Penryn. For...
Even nicer, in my opinion, is that Intel's next mobile chipset will support 2048x1536. A 10" laptop with 2048x1536 would be wonderful. It would have about the same pixel density as the Sony UX92 (250 dpi).
It would be odd for Apple to release new ACDs now without HDMI, DisplayPort, or both -- especially without Resolution Independence to drive ACD uptake.
I expect Apple already have a list of features they hope to include in 10.6.
I'm hoping that Displayport beats out HDMI, but it's early to try to call. Anyway, I think we'll see 3200x2048 before we see 3840x2400.
I think we'll see a speedbump at MWSF based on Penryn and an all-new design in May or June based on Montevina.
In the 1950s, an IBM white paper concluded that no application would ever need more than 8K of memory. In the 1940s, IBM concluded that the number of computers needed to satisfy worldwide demand was five. From the 1940s until the 1970s, memory prices held fairly steady at about $1/byte.
It's the other way around. The standard interface for resolutions higher 2560x1600 is the HDMI Type 3 connector. The problem is that there are no graphics cards or standard LCD panels on the market, though Apple could have them developed once Resolution Independence is released.
I certainly wouldn't want an extra 100 or 200 grams in a laptop. My 12" PowerBook already weighs about double what it should.
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