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What could Apple release in October? What technology will be available? Nothing that would justify a new MBP. While a speedbump can't definitively be ruled out, I don't expect one. Either buy today or wait for Penryn.
She should be ordered to pay Apple's defense costs and her attorney should be disbarred for bringing a frivolous action.
Why on earth do we still have bit-mapped UI elements? OS X has had Display Postscript since it was NextStep 0.6 in 1989. Is Apple still trying to maintain compatibility with software written for OS 9? It's time to let that go.
2.75lbs is much too heavy! 800g is the maximum weight that can sell well in Japan. There is no excuse for a laptop to weigh more than that.
That would be very disappointing. Independence Resolution and Time Machine were the only features I was looking forward to.Why would anyone want to use MS Office for the Mac? NeoOffice is much better in my experience.
The reason for Safari on Windows is not just to familiarize microsofties with Apple software or to provide Apple fans who are forced to do windows with a familiar browser, but to help ensure that sites are developed with Safari compatibility.I normally wait for 10.x.2, but I'll probably jump on 10.5.1 because I've been waiting for Resolution Independence since before OpenStep.
First, it seems like all these people complaining about difficult to read fonts are forgetting that Leopard will bring us Resolution Independence. In my opinion, Resolution Independence is the most exciting feature of Leopard.By that logic, every iPod should have a CD drive.Closer. It should read 32GB SSD.I agree completely. Apple need to keep the weight below 800g in order to sell it in Japan.
Wasn't the MacMini just updated? I wouldn't say no chance for another MacMini update this year. There is a chance for a MacBook update this year, but it would seem to be a less than 50% chance.
This looks crystal clear to me. Apple will use the T8300 and T8100 for the MB rather than Meroms due to power consumption issues. The 3MB cache and lower clock speeds will be perfect for market differentiation.Too big! 10 or 11 inches would be ideal. I'd say it's a safe bet these will be announced at MWSF. It might take some weeks before they are shipping though, depending on availability of chips and other factors.
Yes, this is a possibility. There appears to be strong demand for the higher resolution 17" MBP.
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