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Many people, including but not limited to lawyers and accountants, need to have three or more text documents or spreadsheets open at the same time. They have no need for accelerated graphics.
Where does one set the Scaling Factor to achieve Resolution Independence?
You might want to check whether or not the chipset used supports 32GB (configured 8x4GB). If it doesn't then the answer is clearly no. If it does, then the answer is maybe.
The only feature I care about in new ACDs is higher pixel density. Nothing else would motivate me to buy one.
Penryns for portables won't be shipping in quantity until January or February so there is no significant chance of a new laptop design (other than a speedbump) being announced before MWSF.
At what resolution?
I imagine such institutions would remove or destroy the cameras.
The general thinking is that the Macs Pro and the Macbooks Pro won't be released at the same time.
Doesn't the glass add weight?
Sometimes soon comes soon enough.
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