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It's the other way around. The standard interface for resolutions higher 2560x1600 is the HDMI Type 3 connector. The problem is that there are no graphics cards or standard LCD panels on the market, though Apple could have them developed once Resolution Independence is released.
I certainly wouldn't want an extra 100 or 200 grams in a laptop. My 12" PowerBook already weighs about double what it should.
The only innovation I can recall coming from Microsoft was taking public domain software and taking it private, which pissed off Richard Stallman with the GPL as a result. Microsoft do, however, make good hardware. They should give up on software and focus on what they're good at -- keyboards and mice.
That rumor pertains to the desktop Penryns due in November, not the laptop Penryns due in January.
I'd love to have a Bluetooth trackball.
4GB DIMMs just recently became available and Apple are not supporting them, which hints at the results of their tests. I would not be too sure that Apple have received 8GB DIMMs for testing yet. I very much doubt that Apple had received 8GB DIMMs back when the current Mac Pro was in development.
In that case, it might work when 8GB DIMMs become available, but Apple probably haven't tested it.
Still 2 hours 10 minutes left to the release of Leopard. Let's wait and see whether or not any new hardware will be announced then.
Not before Intel release a desktop chipset supporting 64GB of ram.
Plausible announcements before MWSF include: - Mac Nano to replace Mac Mini - Mac Pro speedbump based on Penryn - MacBook speedbump based on Crestline - higher res ACDs
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