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For photography, screen resolution is much more important than screen size.
New MacBook Pros won't ship until Intel ship Penryn early next year. If you need a MacBook Pro, now is a good time to buy one.
The timing of the new MacBook Pros has nothing to do with Leopard and everything to do with Penryn.
I agree. We won't see any MacBook or MacBook Pro updates until Penryn is shipping. If you want one now, buy one now.
13" is far from ultra-portable. I was hoping for something in the 8" to 10" range weighing under 800g. As described, this is more luggable than portable.
Expect Apple to ship new laptops when Intel ship Penryn.
In order to keep the battery small and light, I would not expect an ultra-portable before Penryn ships. I tolerate my oversized, clunky, heavy 12" PB only because I'm not willing to hassle with Linux on a laptop or use any Microsoft products. I would not hesitate to pay $3000 for a 10" Apple laptop.
Good points, but Apple's share of the laptop market is much larger now. That makes a more diverse product line both possible and desirable.
You're right. solid-state drives are not reliable enough yet to fully replace hard drives. However, it is time to switch to 1.8" hard drives in notebooks. I realize that 1920x1200 is optimistic in a 12" notebook. It is, however, what I want. Resolution Independence will make it practical.
I'm hoping it has a 1.8" hard drive, no optical drive, and at least 1920x1200 resolution.
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