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I'm hoping it has a 1.8" hard drive, no optical drive, and at least 1920x1200 resolution.
What about Resolution Independence?
It may not be a coincidence that the revised release date for Leopard coincides with the ship date for Penryn. We may see some Penryn-based Macs in time for the holiday buying season. I don't think Apple would let its competitors have a free ride through the holidays with Penryn-based products.
I wish my 12" PowerBook didn't have an optical drive. It is far too heavy. If I could run MacOS on a <1kg Sony VAIO, I would. I'll buy a new MBP when one is available that weighs less than my 12" PowerBook. Drop the optical drive and switch to 1.8" hard drives.
I'd love to have a 24" monitor with 3840x2400, but I don't think the price will be attractive anytime soon.
The Santa Rosa chipset supports up to 4GB of memory so, until Intel offer a laptop chipset which supports 8 or 16GB, Apple cannot. My guess is this might happen in 2009.
I want 2560x1600 in a monitor not larger than 24 inches. Anything about 18 to 24 inches would be fine. I have a 1600x1200 20 inch monitor now and I want substantially better resolution without substantially larger size.
NeoOffice has been running under Leopard Beta since 2.1patch6. The current version of NeoOffice is 2.1patch7. See http://trinity.neooffice.org/modules...rticle&sid=124
Which major apps are ready for resolution independence? - Camino? - NeoOffice? - Others?
The Leopard features I care most about are Resolution Independence (because it will lead to sharper, easier to read screens) and Time Machine. I would spend the $129 for either of those, but I haven't seen any other features for which I would pay money to upgrade.
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