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Sony have been selling carbon-fibre ultraportable laptops in Japan for years.
That seems likely, but it's just a guess.
Someday, Apple will support 750GB disk in Xraid, but when is anyone's guess. Your best bet is to research the history of when Apple have supported previous sizes relative to when the disks where available in retail channels and then extrapolate from those data. Still, it will just be a guess.
A 10-13" ultraportable and space for a second hard drive are probably mutually incompatible. I very much don't want to waste space for a second hard drive. I don't even want space for one hard drive in an ultraportable. 64GB of SSD would be fine for me.
A built-in power supply would require adding a fan to deal with the heat. No thanks! The external power supply was the right engineering decision.
Apple won't release a laptop with support for more than 4GB of RAM until Intel release a laptop chipset that supports more than 4GB of RAM. Perhaps around 2010.
1. Perhaps 2. No, we just went from 2GB to 3GB to 4GB. It'll be a while before the Intel notebook chipsets support more than 4GB because 4GB is 2^32. Probably 2010. Until then 4GB will keep getting less expensive. 3. Maybe 2.8MHz in January, but I think that's optimistic. 4. 7200rpm drives use more power, so they won't be standard but will continue to be an option, eventually reaching 200GB. 5. With Resolution Independence, we'll be seeing higher screen resolutions. ...
A MacBook speedbump is possible, but anything else will have to wait for Penryn.
That famous quote was understood in the west as a threat of nuclear annihilation. The correct and intended meaning is and was "We will attend your funeral" i.e. "We will outlive you."
I can't find any mention of Resolution Independence in the feature list.
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