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There is no reason why a future iPhone shouldn't have at at least all the features of my Nokia N95, including GPS. That being said, there is no reason to put GPS in an iPod. If someone needs GPS + iPod features, he should buy a future iPhone with GPS. Also, I don't want multiple memory card slots in a phone. I'd rather keep the size and weight down.
I'll buy Leopard as soon as Resolution Independence is enabled.
There is a 0% chance that Apple will release a sub-notebook before Penryn is available.Apple will almost certainly announce systems based on Penryn at MWSF but the shipping date is difficult to predict.The all the Microsoft boycotters would have to give up on the Mac and use Linux. No thanks! Please ship all Macs windows-free!
Using Type B connectors, the HDMI spec supports 3200x2048. I expect Apple will skip the Type A connectors which are good only up to 1920x1200.
It would be odd if new ACDs were to be released before the next update of the Mac Pro. I would expect either the Mac Pro to be first or for them to be released together. Are you expecting HDMI?
I expect the next ACDs to have HDMI connectors. If not, a 3200x2048 monitor could be driven by two video cards.
In that case, I'll probably wait for the point release. The only other feature in Leopard that looks interesting is Time Machine.
No problem. Just set a different scaling factor for Safari/Camino than for the rest of the system.
They weigh twice what comparable notebooks sold in Japan weigh.
How is that wrong? I wrote "a speedbump is possible." People are wondering when there will be a new design and it is very unlikely to coincide with Leopard.
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