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I have a Synology 1813 for home office data backup. Once a month (or more often, depending on data change), I bring in a portable USB drive and backup all of my data. The device is stored off site in a safe. I might be out some data, but 98% of my pictures, movies, spreadsheets and financial data would be available on the off site storage drive. I'll leave the backup inside a safe for others to test - just in case my house burns too long or the firefighters shoot high...
While this sounds like great news, 62% of sales in the US market went to existing customers. If Apple's model is to grow the user base so that more "Apps" will be bought and more Apple tethered revenue streams are exploited, the 62% repurchase rate is alarming. While it shows consumer loyalty, Apple only makes part of its profit on the phone. The rest is on purchases on the App store or from iTunes. They need more new customers, not the same customers throwing their old...
"If the company can be successful without Steve Jobs, it can be successful without Scott Forstall," We are only starting to see the management and product decisions being made "post Jobs". I have no doubt that Jobs had significant input into all the products Apple is currently introducing. I wonder whether Forstall's departure would have been endorsed by Jobs given that Forstall likely had the same difficult demeanour (as reported by people celebrating his...
The people at Apple might be celebrating, but as an Apple user and stock owner, I wonder where Forstall will head next and how successful the software he develops there will be at competing with Apple iOS.
I don't get this product. If you want to connect it to an Apple monitor ($999 for the only one available - 27") and you buy a $799.00 model Mac Mini, wouldn't I just be better off to purchase a 21.5" iMac? Will this computer run a standard VGA or DVI monitor that I might have kicking around?
There is no way Apple would finish the back cover outer rim near the camera this way. Who really cares? We'll see the real thing by the end of the month.
Yeah, it's not whether you win or lose, its how you play the game. Wait, that is what they told us in grade school. But in the real world, it is all about winning. If Apple wins this, they sell more devices and make more money and their share  price increases. Duh
If the Macbook has the same performance as the "Pro", for all of the 5 times a year I use an optical drive, I'd be happier to buy an external one and use it on those occassions, leaving me with a more compact laptop for travel.
I'm sure you are doing the right thing but remember not to whine about how the new Mac Pro is more powerful, has beter hardware features and costs less than the model you just purchased and can't wait to get. I might not wait a year, but I could certainly wait a few weeks or a month to get the best available technology in a computer I might own and use for 5 years.
Who cares?? I need a new MacBook Pro. Can someone tell me when they are coming already?? My 2007's logic board (video card) crapped out 2 months ago!!!!
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