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PS There is no mention of the iPhone on the Canadian site as of 10:15 am Central Time.
Does anyone know where we are at with number portability in Canada (for those not on the Rogers network)? Also, what data speed does Rogers use? Is it the same as the current AT&T speed in the USA or the quicker data rate? Finally, the question about the iPhone that I have is how does the phone itself sound? Is the sound quality good (for both the caller and the person receiving the call), because I use my phone primarily to talk and if it doesn't sound as close to a...
Why would you have paid for it if it hasn't shipped? Any time I order from the Apple store, my credit card doesn't get billed until the order ships.
Seagate says drive speed is 25% faster (7200 vs 5400). I'm not sure that makes the whole system operate 25% faster, but when the drive is being accessed, it will be 25% faster.
Can you comment on the new screen compared to the previous generation MBP? Thanks
New Posts  All Forums: