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thanks for clearng that up. Happy new year
I have a question about the "disk image". I downloaded a few things and unzipped them - I mounted the programs (ie - FireFox and Flip4mac). Can I trash the icon that ends w/ ".dmg"? Or do I need to keep these around? Also, I hate a cluttered desktop. Should I move the unzipped programs into m HD icon? Thanks!
Just curious - can I get an iphone without AT&T service - pop out the SIM and just use it as an ipod and for WiFi web-surfing? I know the itouch can do this, but I may change over the AT&T in the future (I have Verizon right now and not willing to switch at this moment). Any thoughts.... info? Thanks
Thanks for the help folks!
I need to stay in a PowerBook/MacBook Pro because of some of the medical imaging I use. I prefer it for x-rays, CTs, etc because of it's fantastic screen and resolution. The other "mundane things" constitute a large portion of my at-home computing; but there are instances in which I will view patient results, etc at home. Another question - I wish to max out on HD space - is it the concensus that a 200 GB HD at 4200 is too slow? Should I go for the 160GB @ 5400? I...
wouldn't 7200 rpm kill my battery preformance while away from my charger? I only use Photoshop a few times a month at most. Should I stick to 160 Gb @ 5400 or 200 GB @ 4200?
Hey there - new to the forum, but not new to Macs. I'm finally going to get a new laptop... I've been on the same PowerBook G4 since about 2002. I need some advice on processor speeds..... Is it really worth it for me to go up to 2.4 GHz? Would I really see a difference? I mostly use my computer to do mundane tasks (ie - MS word and Excel, iPhoto, iTunes and a bit of Photoshop). Would it be better to max out on hard drive space and stick to a 2.2? Please help me out! I...
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