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The Macbook Pro with Retina display comes with flash storage and no optical drive. What's left to move towards an Air design? You need power to properly run a Retina display on a laptop and as such an Air with Retina display would be precisely what the Pros with Retina have become. Maybe in time the Pro with Retina models can shed some weight but that's all that can be done quite simply because that's all current technology will allow.
It's all about the user experience. If this product is as enjoyable to use as a larger IPad, it begs the question, why even have the bigger iPad. Even if the user experience is only marginally diminished due to the smaller screen, the advantages of a smaller form factor would cause this to become the model of choice for most consumers.
What we have here is a photograph of a list that any one of us could have conjured up in less than an hour. It's just a piece of paper with some writing on it. That, combined with an 8GB device seeming highly unlikely, causes me to dismiss this right now.
Isn't it obvious that this list is a fake. An 8GB iPad is ridiculous. Never. You'd have to e daftto even consider buying sucha product if Apple offered it, which Apple would not.
This is a common misconception. Apple is more into evolution than revolution. The iPad, after all, is basically a really big iPod Touch. The perception is of the iPad as a revolutionary product in so much that it has caused something of a dramatic change and rather quickly. The reason that the iPad was such a polished product right out of the gate is that it was, more or less, a really big iPod Touch. The underlying software ans technology is somethng Apple already had a...
And that select group would leap at the chance to let the rest of the world know they had been invited to such an exclusive event. In other words, what does it matter. Big event, exclusive event. Either way, us regular folk would know about it the instant invitations were issued. There is no reason to conclude that this is a done deal. Rather the opposite holds. For all the chatter, where's the logic in this claimed addition to Apple's product line. Despite many claiming...
Ok, so are we agreed that if we get to less than a week prior to Oct. 23 with no invitations issued, we can put this puppy to bed. Basically if it gets to this coming Thursday with no invite this will go down as one of finest practical jokes a company pulled off on the media. The leaks in Apple's supply chain are now quite evident if this product quite simply does not exist and imagine the credibility hit Apple will have engineered. It could be quite useful for Apple to...
Are we there yet?
iPad Mini? What iPad Mini? What's interesting is just how long iPad Mini rumours are going to persist and how far they'll go. Even so, another week or so, surely to God, this nonsense will stop. Right?
So Oct. 10 is going, going, nearly gone and no invitations for an unveiling next week. What's up with that?
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