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At this point, if it has anything to do with the iPhone, AT&T, Apple, or flying pigs, it's news!
I can't wait...anyone in NJ have any plans yet?
Sorry, I do read Engadget religiously. Looks like I've assimilated some of their vocabulary into my own.
Someone got their hands on an iPhone somehow... Gizmodo post Post at my blog
It would be a marketing / PR disaster for them to pull that kind of thing with the 3G capability. People (including myself) would hate them forever.
Hey, your link is broken.
Let's hope it does. Given that Apple builds iSights into all their notebooks, video capabilities seem to be pretty important to them. Since most cell phones with a camera can do video, I have to assume that the iPhone will be able to as well.
I'm thinking that they will eventually open it up to 3rd parties. This Web 2.0 stuff is just to tie us over until they do.
I wonder if they'll let us wait inside the store on the 29th. It might be awfully hot in some parts of the country, and it sure would be nice to be able to wait inside with air conditioning =)
Really? If so, I'm totally going to schmooze a few employees in the next few weeks!
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