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 Ummm... there's running apps, and there's running apps effectively.Try running a very popular game called Real Racing 3 and see just how happy you are with a dual-core A5 chip in an iPad mini (original) and 1/2 GB of RAM. Jerky animations in many areas, and if you don't restart the iPad before playing RR3, you are almost certainly guaranteed to have it run out of memory within the first 15 minutes, and you've lost all of your progress in that particular race. IMHO, the A5...
Exactly. Ridiculously small in many many cases, including within some of Apple's own apps. More so in 3rd party apps where the font size is down to 4 point, sometimes less. And reading on a phone screen doesn't magically mean that the type is more readable than in print. In my publishing days, 6 point was the minimum size to be readable. I'd like 8 point minimum in iOS, and still include the option to Bold it like we have now. We aren't all 18 years old.
I see this as a great addition to Accessibility.
Nope. ;-)
Bought it. Like it. Works great on my 5S on iOS 8.0.2. I can take all the pics I want and much more easily preview and delete the ones I don't want - all for a measly 99 cents. This will help greatly in reducing my digital photo overload.
I've read other places that Apple will return to Samsung for the 14 nm process in next year's phones. Yes, this is a lot of money lost by Samsung this year, but I agree with the poster above that Apple is diversifying, and that this is not really a punishment of Samsung, just a solid business choice. Next year Samsung has the edge in going to 14 nm that TSMC doesn't have.   Either way, it's good for Apple, and us. :-)
People didn't get the first joke and are missing it again now. Gruber is not saying NFC will be in the next iPhone. He is joking that he doesn't know one way or the other, just like he wasn't predicting anything with his last joke. Sigh... People.
iPad mini non-retina is an A5-based tablet as well.
 No CMYK support and yet it has been "upgraded" for the Mac Pro. Huh? :-/
@ GadgetCanada V2: Keep trying. My mid-2007 iMac wouldn't allow me to update due to not meeting the minimum specs. I tried at least a dozen times, and then when it was updating some other software... I think when I clicked on Update All (although that gave me the same error every other time)... the iMovie update downloaded, installed, and works just fine.
New Posts  All Forums: