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In other words, music industry execs are thrilled that Google will take a smaller slice of the pie than Apple, and allow them to do whatever they want with regard to complexity in pricing. I wouldn't rule out success (assuming Oracle doesn't kill Android altogether, due to an epic blunder on Google's part), but it reminds me of the expression "You can't unring the bell" -- the kind of simplicity in pricing that Jobs has championed has been the norm for a generation now --...
No way anyone who has been buying and using Apple products for the past 20 years writes "MAC" instead of Mac. It's simply not possible. No. It's a common mistake made by PC users who have no experience with the Mac OS. If this guy is lying about being a long-time Apple customer, what else is he lying about? Jobs needs to do a better job of screening which customers he replies to. This guy isn't worth it.
Well, considering I bought my phone on August 1st and I missed the cutoff by two days, I suspect you just made it. For $70/month customers like me and you, my guess is the cutoff date for purchasing the phone is July 31, 2009.
Unfortunately, it seems far more likely Wolfies167 was talking to representatives who were confirming that he himself is eligible. He may have tried to get answers about the big picture, but the representatives you get on the phone when you call AT&T aren't in a position to discuss how the company determined his eligibility.
Yes, you are interpreting that correctly. For whatever reason (longtime AT&T customer?) they have bumped you up. If you didn't qualify, you'd be getting a different, more depressing message that includes the date when you will qualify.
1. If you qualify for the discount, when you go to your account at AT&T Wireless, under Upgrade Options > iPhone Upgrade it should say: As a valued AT&T customer, we can offer you a discounted iPhone upgrade with a new 2-year commitment and an $18 upgrade fee.2. If you don't qualify (yet), it should say (always with a 2011 date for when you will qualify for the full discount -- the date given happens to be my own): As a valued AT&T customer, we can offer you a discounted...
I bought a 3GS on August 1, 2009, and my current upgrade date is January 2, 2011. I don't know how they calculate that date, but it looks like I can't get the new model early at a discount -- if I want it now, I'll have to pay the $200 "early upgrade" premium.
Let's see -- they had the name of the guy who lost it, access to his Facebook account, and the knowledge that he is an Apple employee, but they just couldn't figure out how to return it to him? They made a generic call to Apple instead? I don't think their claim of making a good-faith effort to return it holds much water.
Exactly. Plus, obviously, companies other than Apple are free to build them. Indeed, they already do. I'd be willing to bet a third-party external (Bluetooth?) videoconferencing camera will be sold as an accessory for the iPad from day one.On this question, see Roughly Drafted.
The article doesn't say they plan to do anything like that. You sound like a troll when you repeat that over and over when AT&T hasn't said anything of the sort.They plan to offer "incentives" to get data hogs to change their ways. I'll guess that means free stuff, but whatever -- it certainly doesn't mean breaching contracts.
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