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The NDA is probably expired on the 27th. That's why he can speak of the device without getting into trouble. However, if apple finds out he is spilling the beans before the announcement, he may not be a beta tester going forward...
Yeah he is notorious for self promoting...but what if what he said on twitter is true?? Wow! It would be amazing if we get all the features he mentioned! I hope he is not jerking around to promote himself, he has a reputation to protect. He has little to gain and too much to lose for making this up. We will see! The battery life he mentioned is a little concerning though...
No one cared to ask about the fate of the Mac Mini in the call??
But at $64/mth, you get unlimited data...and NO TAX on top. Talk about affordable! At $24/mth...you get all these!
We will not get unlocked iphones by default in Canada...Like France, we either pay a premium for an unlocked model or we will require to sign a multi year contract to get it at a 'discounted' price. The reason why this statement was made..is to discourage Canadians from driving down to our neighbour's to purchase and unlock the iphone for use. By letting us Canadians know that it is coming, more people will wait for Rogers to offer it then to go through the trouble to...
Yeah I hope so about the HDD too. But it still doesnt fix my xbox 360 connectivity issue
I think TC is priced right...the AEBS is 180, by adding 120 more, you get a 500 TB disk! And it all fit into one! The only gripe I have with TC now is the xbox 360 wireless connectivity issue!! Anyone got it working with their 360 since the firmware update yesterday??
That's true! Keep the dream alive!! If it does happen, I hope we get the programming guide in Canada too!! Then I will jump all over it!
As much as I want to see the DVR function on the AppleTv, I don't think apple will ever roll it out UNLESS the TV networks decide to pull all their shows from the apple store. This is more like Apple's back up plan in case it happens...
Accodring to my friend at Rogers...the earliest we get the iPhone is Q3..but Q4 is more realistic.
New Posts  All Forums: