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still crappy!! wap browsing only!! On authorized device meaning that only the device purchased from rogers will work... Rogers won't roll out the iphone until a 3G version is out...the infrastructure is already in place for 3G so they don't want to support the Edge while it is being phased out.
Apple will gladly do a price adjustment within 14 days of the price drop. In most cases, they would do it a few days after the 14 day period. So go get your $200 back! If you have bought your iphone using a credit card, your cc may provide a price match guaranteed for a certain period...most of the time is somewhere between 30 to 90 days. Don't sit around and flame..go see what you can do and share your findings with us all! I know you are frustrated! I got mine...
Yes Data plans are ridiculous in Canada...I never noticed it until now that the US has unlimited data plans! Up until yesterday, I was paying $40CDN per month for 1MB of data on my Blackberry plan!! 1MB!! $40!!! Then Rogers generously upgraded the plan to 7MB at the same rate!! WOOHOO!! They used to have a $60 unlimited blackberry plan when Blackberrys first rollout to the market. I would think that over time, there would be more blackberry users and the price...
better get her to pay for the damage first before replacing her =P
Thanks jroller...hope that the stain can be fully removed IF it got on the logic board. The nightmare would be that the stain could not be cleaned out and apple refuses to repair it when something does go wrong.
The hibernation problem occured after I left it on for an extended period of time. At the moment, I am not going to power the macbook up and let it sit so that i can test it out with your suggestion. I worried that it may damage the logic board in the process. Thanks for the suggestion tho
Thanks for the heads up Addabox...i rather be safe than sorry...well i dont know if it is too late already, but hopefully, with everything cleaned out, I might be able to sneak in a warranty repair if something serious does happen. The logic board would cost me 1200 + tax to repair...not what i want to do for sure!
I left the machine on after i took it home. When i went to use it after an extended period of time, the machine would go into hibernation on its own and then wake up after 15-30 secs while I was using it! It did that a few times and i could hear some clicking noise in the bottom right side of the keyboard(inside the laptop). the last time it went into hibernation, it never woke up. I had to remove the battery. So I went back to the apple store today, the guy was...
I got lucky...the guy at the genius bar turned it on and it is working fine!! I then suggested to him to open the compartment where the ram and HDD sit to make sure it is dry. He did check for me and it was dry!! Gave me quite a scare! I was going to contact my house insurance next once I knew what the damage was :P Thanks guys!!
I am at the apple store now...waiting for the Genius. Hope they would do something about it...
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