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Whew. Dodged that bullet. Imagine if Apple had bought Nest we'd now be looking at a 10% overnight stock drop.
"The best revenge is success. Just deserts for Samsung, I'd say."   A side helping of sand to go with that crow.
Shouldn't the Nexus 7 boy be asking Google, "What's glassophobia"?
Did Canaccord Genuity use Excel?
Quit cleaning your sensor...you're wiping your prints off. 
Simple yes, but interestingly doesn't do the trick. Even with the document set to specifically open in Pages version 4.3, a double-click brings up a warning window that it's going to open the file in the new Pages.
 I venture that in 5 years or less there will be no Android.
"... the result would be an immediate 33% boost to earnings per share, translating into a 33% increase in the value of the shares..." He hasn't been around here very long.
Bloggers accidentally uploaded comments to our servers but none of our executives studied them.
New Posts  All Forums: