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Does the same for me using a MacAlly mouse (wired)
My 2.4 MBP runs pretty warm. I keep it on an iCurve and the underneath of it is almost too hot to touch, even with 6" of ventilation under it.
I can understand it from a business point of view, but I know a lot of people who prefer matte screens over the glossy ones - in fact we took a poll at work (about 35 people there) and glossy got 8 votes out of the 35. Still, either way, I'm sure Apple did *their* market research a lot more thoroughly than we did.
As I mentioned earlier, I'm not in the market for an iMac at all, but it seems a bit odd to me that Apple just dropped the matte screen option entirely for what must be one of, if not their most popular line of computers. Both options are available for both the Macbook and the Macbook Pro, so why wouldn't they offer both for the iMac? If they only had a glossy screen option for the MBPs I would probably still be using my 1.67 GHz Powerbook. Strange.
I read somewhere that there is a third party manufacturer that sells a screen cover/protector for the glossy Macbooks/MBPs, so I would think that the same company might decide to make one for the glossy iMac if the demand is high enough. That might work for you down the road.
I agree with you regarding the screens. I recently bought a MBP, and opted for the matte screen for exactly this reason, as my eyesight isn't very good and I hate glare. I'm not in the market for an iMac, but the lack of a matte screen option would definitely be a dealbreaker if I was.
No, I'm just saying, as others have, that the iMac might not be the best choice for gaming or graphics-intensive work. That area is covered by other models. No argument here - just pointing out the fact. It's fine for day to day internet, sending email, chat, and many other things of course, and will probably be a resounding success as a result.
However, they never specifically stated that "gaming is coming to the iMac". The Mac Pro and the MBP lines have graphics that are far more powerful. The iMac is a nicely put together machine, but you can't please everyone with one model of computer. iMacs won't appeal to those who want to take their computer with them in a briefcase/backpack either. You choose the model you need from the lineup available. Gamers will almost certainly gravitate towards the high-end models...
Yes, me too
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