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Hi all: Just wondering if anyone knows of an app that I can use to see who - if anyone - is using a wireless network. My friend has a wireless network at his place, and even when he's idle he can see loads of activity on his modem, plus when he's d/l something his speeds are often rather poor. Any input much appreciated!. Thanks.
Just got mine today - this thing flies!! More to follow once I pick up my jaw...
OK. Mine has arrived. A full performaance report to follow (in the appropriate forum of course). P.S. - what would the correct forum for that be?
Awesome! You're a sport Harry. Now if only Fred X would arrive...\
What? Didn't you even open it to see if the 6800 *actually* exists? Hehe.. I'm still waiting for mine to arrive...any time now I think..hope...
Pretty much. Mine was originally scheduled for August 28th. So, that's 40 days and 40 nights.
My G5 2.5 (complete with 6800) is "on truck for delivery". Should arrive in a couple of hours now.
Yeah - auslander = foreigner etc. I'm not getting a 30". I currently use a 23" and a 20", but I wanted the 6800 so that one day I *could* use one or two 30" monitors (finances permitting). I work in audio..so you'll be waiting a while for any graphics apps from me..haha.
Haha. Actually I'm *from* London, but I live in Chicago (25 yrs now). I'm also a developer, but I don't know if that makes any difference...
Mine was July 13th. /runs\
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