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I have one of these and I'm currently using it with my dual 1.25 G4. It's awesome. A lot brighter than the Apple displays (weirdly enough). Great for TV too.
Mine was supposed to ship on or before October 8th for the last month. Yesterday I got an email telling me it would be on or before Oct 15th, and I literally got the shipping email 30 mins ago. Tracked it, and it's on the way. So..the 6800s DO exist! Can't wait to check it out...
Just got an email saying my order shipped today - WITH 6800!! Things are looking up.
Mine too!! Just got the email. Woohoo!!!
Congratulations! Enjoy your new G5. I got an email from Apple today - my shipping date HAS slipped again (4th time now) to Oct 15th. This despite the phone call assuring me it wouldn't slip again. Ah well. I can't wait for it to finally arrive!!\
Good point.
Can you say "Dept. of Redundancy Dept." ? One thread about this is more than enough in my opinion. Just bitching day in and day out is completely pointless. Who gives a **** if Apple deleted your posts? If they are as mind-numbing as these have been (and of course they are!) I can't blame Apple for the removal.
I've been very excited at the promise of the 6800, so I've been keeping an eye on the progress since it was announced, along with the 30" monitors of course. While I'm not ready to commit to another Apple display just yet due to problems, I do want a very powerful vidcard, and the 6800 seems to be the one. However, it's NVidia's problem now, and until that is fixed I'm sitting back waiting to see what happens. Also, how can they - NVidia - post a definite date if they...
What is the point of a public outcry? The point is to make the card work. An outcry isn't going to solve that is it? What ever happened to a bit of patience? As I said before, I would *much* rather receive a *working* 6800 later, than a fritzed out iffy 6800 sooner. That's what makes sense to me, but it might not to you.
It's not the PR guy's fault. They have to get the bugs out. Why rush it to market only to find it's screwed up (it almost happened). http://www.macnn.com/news/26143
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