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Hey, everyone has known for a while now that there have been serious issues with the 6800 cards. It's not an Apple issue - it's an NVidia issue. I for one would much rather wait that extra time for my 6800 equipped G5 with the security of knowing that the bugs have been worked out. And you know what...if they don't ever work the bugs out I'll choose another solution. In the meantime I don't think it makes much sense getting your knickers in a twist day in day out over a...
Well, as I mentioned earlier in the thread, I received a call from Apple (yes, they called me) a few weeks ago now telling me my new ship date of "on or before 10/08/04" would *not* slip again, and it came with a big apology. Also as I previously stated, I was very surprised to get the call, but also very appreciative of the courtesy. They double checked on my ship-to addy, and that was that. So.... all being well I should probably have it in 10 days to two weeks from...
I went to an Apple store to go display testing, and saw the weird pink tinge on two of the 23" displays (out of say 5) a couple of weeks ago. I ended up making my monitor decision on an HP 23" HD f2304, which is just amazing. I already have an Apple 20" and the HP just blows it away in all areas. Plus it has multiple inputs (composite/s-video/dvi - both analog and digital, and d-sub. I currently use it as my main work monitor (with the 20" as the 2nd monitor) in Pro Tools,...
Douglas: Sorry to see you are in the same boat as the rest of us. Join the club. Did they quote you a shipping date for your 2.5?\
Hi. Any news?
Yes I hope so too. Apple just announced this today - and I want it!! http://www.apple.com/logic/featureoverview.html This and my new G5 deserve each other. Hurry up Apple!!
Hmm.. I wonder why my order (from July 13th) is due to ship on October 8th then. Seems like things have got a bit out of whack...sheesh.
What was your original order date again?
Well it's got to start sometime! Oct 1 (or thereabouts) would seem a logical time. Good luck!
I ordered mine on July 13th (dual 2.5ghz/4GB ram/2x250GB SATA/BT/AE/6800) and I was told about 2 weeks ago that it will ship "on or before Oct 8th" . I was also told (by phone) that this date would not slip again - this is the 3rd slip already.
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