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Yeah, mine has the 6800 option, so I doubt it will be before 10/08 now. Still, that's just around the corner at this point... 8)
Lucky bastard!! Enjoy!!
Sorry for the delay in replying. My original order (of which I have already received 5 pieces) was placed on July 10th '04.
KCOM: So how is the 2.5? Is it nice and zippy? My order got pushed to "on or before 10/08" with the 6800 card (and a guarantee by phone that there will be NO more delays in shipment - they called me!) Anyhow, I was just wondering how you're finding the 2.5's performance overall.
I compared the features of the two, and the f2304 has a lot more going for it. The HDTV ready aspect. Seeing the two right next to each other, there was a big difference as well. I also preferred the design of the 2304 more.
I just got the HP F2304 23" display. I'm using it with my single G4 1.25 alongside my older 20" ASD and it blows the Apple away display in clarity/sharpness. It's way brighter, faster, and has the same exact resolution as the Apple 23" display. Also it comes with s-video and composite inputs, plus is HDTV ready. Awesome, all for $1999.
True. mine hasn't been charged yet though..
I got a telephone call from the ADC yesterday, with a confirmed shipping date of "on or before Oct 8th" and a big apology. I was quite shocked. and indeed very pleased, to get that. Very courteous and polite. They also said that there would be no more slips in the schedule. Here's hoping.
From what I heard today, they are anything BUT bad. A friend of mine recently got his and apparently it's amazing. He used to have a dual 2Ghz but sold it as soon as he got the 2.5. He works with video and said that the difference in processing performance is stunning. He's ordered several more for his company based on his first one, so I'd say that's a ringing endorsement.
My original ship date was July 28th. That was changed on July 27th to Sept 9th. I just checked again (as Sept 9th is around the corner) and my new ship date is now October 8th. I'd say there are some significant supply issues, and possibly even technical ones with the new 2.5s. As I mentioned the other day, the Chicago downtown store had no 2.5s on display (although they swore they were "in the building") Interesting....
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