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You're the one out of order here. This is a thread about G5 2.5Ghz shipping dates. All of us here (perhaps including you) have G5 dual 2.5GHz orders in and are waiting for the orders to be fulfilled. I don't want to hear your whining here, the same way you ostracised me for commenting (in a very civilised manner I might add) in your 30" monitor thread. The rule? - keep it on topic and be polite.
I'll be sure to post when it ships. However, I've seen too many slipping ship dates to not expect that to happen again. When I called the ADC store the other day they confirmed my ship date as 9/9 but firmly added an "at the moment" .. whatever that means...
I suppose a lot of this is actually out of Apple's control. If IBM has a problem with chip yield, and NVidia has 6800 issues, then I can see Apple being forced to wait to fulfil their customers' orders until the issues are resolved. I for one am definitely prepared to wait until the 6800 issues are sorted rather than going with an inferior video card (or should I say one that can't run the 30" displays). Hopefully this will get sorted sooner than later, but from the posts...
Weird thing is.. I was in the downtown Chicago Apple Store today (my local one) and they still don't have the Dual 2.5 G5s yet. I asked (grilled?) a number of employees, and while they said they WILL be getting them in soon they said there were none there yet. Also, no 30" displays there either. \
Please accept my sincere apologies. I let my enthusiasm get the better of me, but in future will be sure to remain on topic.
Well, there's a number of things I'd like to try out. Having ordered the 6800 card, I'd like to see just how Pro Tools looks on 2x30 inchers. For music the longer timeline the better, so that would be great I'd bet. The other monitor could be used for the mix, plugins, console, session setup etc windows. Being able to see everything ALL the time would be a huge plus. Under normal circumstances I have to constantly hide some windows and then open them again when I need...
I'm using this time now since my G5 2.5 shipping delay was announced to squirrel money aside for a 30" monitor. I'm actually about 1/3 of the way through the funds for a second 30" now, so once the 2.5 arrives I'll probably be able to spring for two of these babies. It's going to rule.
There are some circumstances under which you might get a free upgrade to Tiger, but for the most part you probably won't. The ship date looks promising. I ordered mine on July 13th and have a Sept 9th ship date, but I ordered the 6800 which might slide that date even more. Enjoy your new Mac when it arrives. I know i'll enjoy mine
Mine's still set at 9/9/04. Here's hoping... \
It probably is. My powerbook was running perfectly until I installed an M-Audio USB midi driver - since then I've had the black screen kernel panic every time I've tried launching Logic. Pain in the a**.
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