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Nice. Shame mine's still slated for Sept 9th...also with 6800.\
Studio DV I've had this for a couple of years now. Works well with any Firewire equipped Mac.
I'm running Tiger on my old B&W G3 400. It's got a GB of RAM in it. It's definitely not fast, but it's faster than Panther.
While the arrival of my G5 is almost a month away, I'm dying to hear some feedback about the ones that HAVE arrived. Anyone mind posting a quick "Wow this is amazing" or " Hmm, this isn't what I'd hoped for" etc... ?? In the meantime, I'll just lurk
Expect some G5 quickshit right about now then.
Is it nice and fast though?
Oops..sorry. I didn't see that post when I replied.
I wouldn't wait by the phone. I spoke to her today too, and she said, and I quote " The info you see on the web is exactly what I see here". She told me to check every few days (every few minutes in my case - haha) and the update (if any) would happen once the backlog of earlier orders were cleared out. On a positive note, she was very nice on the phone, which under the circumstances I appreciated. I wouldn't have been surprised if she was exhausted by now.
Well, I sympathise with you of course. Mine was moved from 7/28 to "on or before 9/9". The key here is that Apple (apparently) posts the worst case shipping date by default. The actual shipping date could actually be before that, something I was told by the ADC phone support staff on two separate occasions (two different representatves). Anyhow, at least yours ships on MY birthday!!
I just called ADC and they said that the estimate I got, "will ship on or before Sept 9th" is definitely a worst case ship date. He said within the next 2 weeks is a much more likely time as they are shipping 2.5s w/6800s already. Well, 2 weeks is better than 6 for sure.
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