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"this actually sounds like it's almost a hardware issue. do you have the hardware diagnostic CD that came with the machine? if so, when you run it does it find anything?" I haven't tried that since I got home. I think it froze up when I tried it when I first got the Mac. "also, when you boot into OS9, will it boot into safe mode, or does that crash as well?" It wont boot up in OS9 at all- blank screen...extension offs is the same. "does it boot with...
Sorry about that! I haven't tried CCC, but then I haven't got another identical machine. Unfortunately, due to the boot rom version, the enablers necessary for the dual 1.25 to run in OS9 are not included in an installation on either a G4 500 or a G3 400. I actually DID try installing Panther and OS9 on a Dual 500 (digital audio) machine, but it also crashed in OS9 when the drive was moved to the Dual 1.25. Sheesh..
Hi everyone. I've been a member here for some time now, and love this forum. It's helped me out many a time. Please forgive this lengthy post, but I need some advice. Hopefully one or two of you might get though this... My issue is this (regarding a possible Apple lemon policy). I bought a Dual 1.25 G$ the week after the G5s were announced, for the simple reason that I work in Pro Tools and OS9 a lot - i'm a record producer - and understood that this new dual was...
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