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That's funny. I finally had a chance to mess around with one yesterday, and I thought it was quite a bit bigger than I'd expected. Perhaps I'm so used to my Nano...
I was hoping that would be possible. Makes a lot of sense.
I wonder how many Apple sold/will still sell today. The number has to be astronomical.
Sold out in Chicago within an hour, at my local Cingular (haven't changed the sign yet either) branch. Lots of angry people as a result.
Well, I caved and decided to go and have a look at one. There's an AT&T store about half a mile away so I walked there. Got there by just after 7pm. They had already sold out, basically in less than an hour. This is not a small store either - it's pretty big. There was a line of about 100 people still outside as I walked towards it. There were also a LOT of very pissed off people as the girl came out and announced/shouted that all the phones had gone. I guess the 8GB...
I'm no graphics guy (music instead) and I didn't notice this anomaly until I placed my MBP next to my old PB. The MBP had a yellowish tinge to it, compared to the PB, which had a cooler more mauve tint to it. I was easily able to tweak the MBP to look more like the PB in the System Preferences. I love my MBP too.
I haven't seen anything like that on mine.
I have a lot of music on this drive, and if I add music via, say, my desktop Mac, then it goes to that drive. However, the only library that is updated is the one on that Mac, not the one on any other Macs, which makes sense. So, I just share that one library from all my Macs, which means it's always updated on all the Macs. If I used the shared drive as the default storage path from all Macs the library isn't updated on my desktop Mac if I add music from another computer,...
Yes, the LED screens are only on the 15".
The sound quality from the built-in speakers on my new SR MBP is far better than it was on my old Powerbook. Very pleased about that.
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