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The backlight on my old Powerbook 1.67 (well not terribly old - August 2005) was/is very uneven.
I don't think there's anything *wrong* with these displays at all. Mine works gloriously. Much clearer and brighter than my old PB. It did have the yellowish tint on the default profile, but it's easily tweaked. Mine looks awesome now.
I think there is for the 17" MBP
I don't use it for video yet, but I will in the future.
1. I do have two laptops - a PB 1.67, and a brand new MBP Santa Rosa with ".n" wireless. Both work great. I usually have some music with me on the go. 2. I actually don't sync my iPods. I prefer to manually manage my library. I use my AE-based iTunes library as the main repository of AAC files (which are all rips of my actual CDs rather than music purchased from the iTunes store, as I prefer to own the CD instead) That means I've never had any AAC files with DRM, so I've...
This is exactly what I do. I have a 1TB USB Fantom drive attached to my Airport Extreme, and have all my iTunes music on it. I share the library via any Mac. Works like a charm.
I haven't tried - I'm sure you can though. What I mean by "tint" is really the predominant colour when the screens were next to each other. The MBP was more yellowish, compared to the PB which was more pinkish-mauve I suppose. If I was only looking at one or the other my eyes get used to that screen just fine - this is more apparent when they are sitting next to each other, like in a television showroom where some screens are more blue, others more red etc. I work...
I got my 15" MBP a couple of days ago, and the screen is way brighter and more evenly lit than my old Powerbook. In order to get the screens to about the same brightness, I had to reduce the MBP screen brightness by 6 notches. It's also a different colour - more of a white-yellowish tint compared to the PB which was more pinkish-red. It's also just a tiny bit faster than the PB
Mine just got delivered today. I'll pick it up in a hour or so. Woohoo!
That's going to be very nice indeed!
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