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I ordered mine last Tuesday when they were released, and it's on its way from China, expected Wednesday. I don't think there is a large number of them in the country quite yet.
Mine's been shipped from Shanghai. I should get it on Monday.
I've had 5 Powerbooks since my first (PB170) and I got AppleCare for every one. In fact, I've NEEDED it for every one, from stuff like the screen shattering twice on my 170, my 3400 getting dropped by some twerp, and a variety of other things happening to my TiBooks and AlBook while unattended. Either way, I lug around a laptop every day - apart from my music, it's also my email/contacts lifeline while I'm in recording/mixing sessions. Life without one is pretty...
AppleCare needs to be added to your computer within the first year of its life. If you wait longer than that the computer will then be out of warranty and no longer be eligible. I get AppleCare for all my Macs, and religiously for my Powerbooks/MBP
Logic is what I'm dying to try out on it.
Like you, I'm upgrading from a 1.67 GHz Powerbook, so I think the speed increase will be huge - probably in the order of 6-10x in a number of areas. I remember the first MBPs being touted as 6x the speed of the 1.67 PB, and since then we've had the move from Core Duo to Core2Duo. All in all I'm really looking forward to this upgrade, not to mention the move to Intel processors and all the new stuff that can happen once on that platform. I went for the 2GB to start...
This is exactly the update I've been waiting for. My current laptop (PB 1.67GHz) has been wheezing away for a while. It's still got a bit of go in it, but nothing compared to this. Battery life is down to about half an hour now too. It's definitely time to go MacIntel. I just ordered the 15". Can't wait
Hmm. I got an AE(n) and replaced my Linksys router/wireless router with it. It installed in a snap and then I plugged a Fantom 500GB drive into the network drive USB port. It saw it straight away. I ended up putting all my music on that drive (it's named "music" and access it from 3 different Macs with no problem whatsoever). So, for me it's working really well.
I'm interested in moving to Intel. I currently use a Powerbook 1.67, which is nice, but a bit on the slow side compared to other computers I work with daily, mainly G5 models of various sorts. I'll probably wait until Leopard/Santa Rosa and then get a MBP.
I opted for the PB 3400. It worked well but was really heavy. Always loved the form factor of the 2400.
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