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I currently use all three slots in my G5. To be honest, I could use another two in there, but one more would be fine. 3 is just not enough (I work in music and have 3 audio PCI cards in there)
I highly recommend Applecare. I get it for all my Macs, especially the laptops (I've had 4 Powerbooks covered, and they've all had something go wrong at some point, from two broken screens to a bad mobo to dead HDs etc.) There was absolutely no charge to repair them on each occasion. Couldn't recommend it highly enough.
I was always under the impression that Al Gore was a tree.
Thanks guys.
I wonder if someone could possibly clarify exactly what resolution independence is for me. Will this be something that existing hardware will support, or would it be something that only upcoming Mac models will be able to take advantage of? What is necessary for RI to be possible? Thanks.
I agree. That was the first thing that came to mind when I thought of OS XI
Yeah, you're probably right...
I've now tried everything. Removed the video card, replaced it with the vidcard from my working G4, tried the PMU twice... It's still dead. Do you think this might be a PS issue now?
OK.. First thing I did was check the outlet and strip..it works fine. I even moved the computer to a different wall outlet that works fine with lamps etc. ..no good. Fortunately, I do have another MDD G4, which I moved my Pro Tools PCI cards into, as it's my work machine that died, so I had to get back up and running fast. I could certainly try using the video card from that one, which IS working, and is also the identical model of vid card too. Not sure if I can...
Thanks for the tips Lundy. I tried the PMU button, but that didn't do anything - then removed the battery..waited 40 or so minutes and replaced it...still nothing. Do you have any other suggestions? This is as dead as a doornail. Thanks...
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