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Thanks for the tip. I haven't tried it yet, but I did do a search for "Apple CUDA". All I found was help on how to reset a PCI G4, but I believe mine is an AGP version (MDD) Was this something that also applied to the last range of G4s, which this is? Thanks Neil
Hi all, Just wondering if anyone can help me diagnose a problem that has reared it's head today. I was up working late last night on my G5, writing some emails etc. when the power in my apt. went off. It's hot and humid here, so occasionally it happens. I reset the breaker and went to bed, thinking no more about it. This morning I went to start up my Pro Tools audio mac (a G4 MDD Dual 1.25GHz model) and nothing happened. I use a 20" Apple Studio flatscreen and...
I first read about it in the Apple support discussions at Apple.com.
I went back to the Apple Store yesterday as I was once again in the area. I wanted to investigate a couple of things about the MacBook. First of all, the BlackBook marks very easily. I don't mean chips or scratches, but smudges. Being matte black really shows up oils from fingers/hands etc. I tried cleaning one of them up with various things from a clean handkerchief to a tissue and it didn't work that well. I do of course understand the huge volume of traffic at an...
I saw the new MacBooks today at the Chicago Apple Store. Really cool. Very fast. I don't like the glossy screens much, but I installed XBench on one of the BlackBooks there to see just how fast these babies are. It is over twice as fast as my PB 15" 1.67 AlBook, even with two GB Ram. Admittedly the Apple Store BlackBook had 1GB of ram in it, which I asked about and the assistant didn't agree with (policy wise - it was clear in the Apple menu). Still, this absolutely...
I'm pretty impressed with these. I'd certainly pay the extra $200 for the black version. It's my favourite (non) colour. I used to have a PB 3400 years ago which I loved dearly. Now I have to weigh up the pros and cons of selling my Aluminium Powerbook so I can get some real speed happening. Not to mention double checking to see if all the apps I need to use are Universal Binaries yet or not. Good job Apple!
I used to work with several video game companies designing music for games, and I went to E3 on several occasions. Apple was there every time. In fact, in 2000 it had an entire room full of computers, G4s and iMacs, all networked and with people playing a variety of games on them. I think it's a no-brainer that Apple would be there this year probably more than ever before, now that software development for Intel-based Macs is a lot easier to bring about than for PPC...
Yes it should be fine. Unlike with the old non-extreme Airport cards, I've never installed one of these as my G5s and my PB already had them pre-installed. Still, I'm sure someone here can let you know for sure.
I have both an Apple 20" Cinema Display and also an HP 23" LCD monitor. The HP blows the Apple monitor away, plain and simple, in sharpness, quality and especially in brightness. A friend of mine also has the Dell 24" LCD monitor, and it's even better than both of the monitors I use.
I had heard that all the Apple Pro apps would be native by March/April. What I'm more curious about is how many of the apps that Apple includes with a new iMac with a Core Duo chip or a Mac Book Pro etc. are in fact native code, or do they all run under emulation in Rosetta at this time? Apps like Safari, Mail, iTunes,, iDVD, iMovie etc. Thanks in advance.
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