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I just had a 250 GB Maxtor SATA (Apple installed) go bad on me. I ended up replacing it with a very nice Hitachi Deskstar 400. Much better performance.
I think you're right. I had also bought a PowerMac 7100AV, pretty much the same day they were released. That machine was a rock! Regarding your other comment about buying PPC computers, I just got a Quad G5, and am really glad I did. Yes I know the Intel Pro line will be released by year's end, but I wanted a machine that can run all the apps I *already* have as fast as possible for as long as possible. There might even be another REV of these prior to the Intel pro line...
I have an irrational fear of REV A machines. I bought one of the B&W G3s - Rev A..400MHz with SCSI card back in April '99 I think it was. Anyhow, when I plugged a FW HD into it (this was the first time FW was included in Macs) smoke poured out of the G3. The FW card had caught fire. On another note, Apple refused to acknowledge this. I ended up having to buy a 3rd party FW card for my FW-equipped Mac in order to use FW at all. So...Keep REV A machines far away...
Well, one would think that a bigger screen might have more pixels, not less, right?
I am so pissed off!! I've had a PB 1.67 since August and NOW they come out with something new??? Just kidding. I love the digital audio in/out option. I work in audio so that's kick arse! Don't need a modem - nice to see that you can add one though if that's a requirement. Only thing I'm interested in finding out is the FW target mode. That, and *when* all the universal binaries will be out. Looking forward to reading benchmarks for these puppies,...
I'm a bit surprised about the dropped FW800, although I have had nothing but problems using it. I've got it on 3 Macs (PB 1.67, Dual G5 2.5, Quad G5 2.5) and 3 external 800 drives. They all have issues on all three machines, using the FW 800 interface. The FW 400 is fine, so I use them in that mode. God knows why this happens...anyway.. I've never used the s-video feature, so I personally won't miss it. Same with modems these days. I travel all the time but find that...
Is there a floppy drive?
I'm still hoping to get mine tomorrow (no info on Fedex.com yet though). How does the quad match up with your dual in terms of speed etc.? Thanks.
I'm only using a 23" display, plus I'll need more RAM. I decided to hold off so I could get more favourable prices. Can't wait to play Doom 3 though... Neil
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