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Out of interest, what graphics card did you order with your machine? I just ordered a Quad G5 with the 7800, so I'm curious to see how the graphics issues pan out. Cheers Neil
Mine is slated to arrive on Dec 27th. I'll be sure to post if any issues occur. Neil
Well, I'm hoping that the quads CAN perform well as far as gaming goes. I ordered one a few days ago, along with the 7800 graphics card option. It *should* be a monster of a Mac. I'll get it the day after Boxing Day (yes I'm a Brit), so I'm very much looking forward to picking it up, along with Doom 3 and a couple of other fun titles I hastily ordered. I'm not too happy about the quad G5 comments I've seen online...but I've also got Applecare, so that takes out the...
Does anyone find with VLC that if you open a movie it hijacks the audio settings? Lately, I've been trying to play some AVI movies using VLC but I get errors and after that I get no audio output from my Mac. I checked in the Sys prefs and the audio output setting had been switched from analog to digital (I don't have the digital output hooked up) and from that point on I cannot change it back without a restart. It's been doing it with the last 3 OS software revisions too...
Well...a couple of weeks ago I was updating the firmware on my dual 2.5 G5 and during the process it freaked out. As always I followed all the instructions to the letter, and at first things looked ok, but then it spat open the DVD drive and the fans kicked in. After it seized up I left it on, just in case, for a while. Then I tried the process again, which this time half-completed and that was it. Dead. This is why I *always* get AppleCare coverage. I spoke to...
Mine's really quiet, except when it revs up. That usually lasts about 5 secs.
You see, this PC has 7 - not 3 - 7!!! PCI slots. How come Apple couldn't have put at least 4 in the G5???
I thought long and hard about the 6800 card, and finally decided to get it. My perfect G5 machine would have needed to have 4 PCI slots anyway, in order or it to be able to do everything I wanted it to (my work Mac - a dual 1.25 G4 has 4 slots, 3 for the Pro Tools cards, and one for the Ultra SCSI card). Seeing as the G5 would never have been able to accommodate these needs even *with* a conventionally sized graphics card like the X800 I'm not going to lose any sleep. That...
Well, since my original post outlining the bug I've had far better luck. The "dashes" have since completely disappeared, for whatever reason. Of course this is the nature of bugs. I have no doubt this will be addressed asap. Buying a high-end PC won't make you immune to bugs (I own two and they are full of them)
Well, I presume that it's because there's a lot going on in ONS mode that the framerates are low, but in the modes I usually play, I saw rates of 100 - 120 constantly (in BR and Instagib modes). Can't wait to try ONS mode more once I understand it. By the way, in this slew of tests the odd strobing was mild at first, then got less and less until it went away completely. Weird. No crashes at all, touch wood.
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