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Holy crap! I never saw that game mode before. It's awesome - I almost forgot to come back and report framerates! For the most part I saw mid 50s - lowest was 42 and highest was 72 I think. Resolution was 1900x1200.
To be honest, I've not been playing in that mode. I can check it out for you. How do I check frame rate?
Congrats Harry!!! Enjoy it. I hope you don't have the problems I have had with the 6800 card. I can't wait to see the 30".
The problem with that is that the condition of the CD (i.e. scratches/reflections etc) will often affect ripping speed. That's basically why I wondered how they conducted these tests as there are so many variables. Even the colour of the CD/CDR can affect ripping speed, depending on the CD/DVD drive doing the ripping.
I've been playing UT2004 and Halo on my new G5 2.5 since last Friday and everything was screaming until yesterday, when suddenly lots of white "dashes" appeared on the screen, flickering like crazy. I quit the game (UT at that time) and the dashes disappeared. So I restarted the game, and they were back again, even in the main menu page - sort of strobing/flickering. I tried changing resolutions etc. - no change (apart from the size of the "dashes"). I called MacSoft -...
I think this is a likely scenario. On another note, for some reason I've not been able to successfully get any Tiger updates from Software U/D - although I've tried and tried (and yes I *am* a developer). Weird...
Is the MacWorld test a process from a CD. CDR or from HD? My G5 2.5's maximum encode speed from a CD yesterday (my first test) was 19.3x. I'll have to try encoding from the HD at some point, but I think there would be quite some disparity between access speeds using CD/DVD/HD drives, and also disparity even between CD and CDR (depending on CDR colour/transparency etc)
That's cool. I have been playing UT 2004 on this today and it's pretty amazing. Way faster than my dual 1.25 G4... I had been looking online for news on Doom 3, and only saw a link that said there was no publisher as of yet for the Mac version. What's the latest on that?
Just ran it. CPU render test - 629
Got mine yesterday afternoon and it's wonderful! So fast. Highly recommended.
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