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But would the data be wiped?
Now the nerds in the iPhone forums will be starting flame wars over whose A9 is the best. It never ends.
Those are Geekbench 3 scores.
Good luck with that. 
I was pointing out that the two technologies weren't even close to being the same for those who keep saying, "Well, the Blackberry had it first."
That was the Storm, right? I tested that phone when it was new and the push screen was horrendous. It was in no was comparable to Apple's 3D Touch.
I wonder if the unlocked "rental" iPhones will be available on the 25th.
After the Apple keynote, who's gonna care?   However, I'm sure the media will give this Nexus event tons and tons of coverage. /s
Damn jailbreakers.      
Personally, the reason I still jailbreak is to get rid of the ridiculous animations and to use a five column springboard and dock with smaller icons. If Apple would provide this in stock iOS, I'd be less tempted to jailbreak.
New Posts  All Forums: