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I wonder if the unlocked "rental" iPhones will be available on the 25th.
After the Apple keynote, who's gonna care?   However, I'm sure the media will give this Nexus event tons and tons of coverage. /s
Damn jailbreakers.      
Personally, the reason I still jailbreak is to get rid of the ridiculous animations and to use a five column springboard and dock with smaller icons. If Apple would provide this in stock iOS, I'd be less tempted to jailbreak.
Agreed. It's users who install shady or pirate repos that seem to have these problems. 
Why do I always see Charles Emerson Winchester III when I see Mao?  
The thing I dislike about Siri is that voice dialing and music playback are not local functions. You have to be in a good signal area for the request to be sent to the servers and back. Ridiculous. I've turned Siri off and just use Voice Control.
Is this the fake benchmark I've read about today? https://mobile.twitter.com/jfpoole/status/632066813380165632
Worked at Circuit City in the '90s. Can confirm. Extended warranties were the only thing they cared about.
They need to shut down the factories making Samsung knockoffs. Oh, wait...
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