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Well, there's always Photoshop.
I have two iPhone 6 cases sitting on my desk. No idea if they'll fit the actual iPhone 6, but still...
What bloody video?!
Classy. /s
I can install iOS on my iDevices all by myself and I'm only 58!
I thought his user name was "Snarky" for a minute.
"There is only one thing in life worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about." - Oscar Wilde When Apple sneezes, everyone runs for a Kleenex.
It actually took longer than I thought for the pimple-witted trolls to wake up in their parents' basements.
He conveniently ignores: Samsung CEO Lee Kun-Hee.Sentenced to three years suspended jail time for the slush fund scandal.Pardoned by the South Korean President so he could remain on the International Olympic Committee. Nope. No bad boys at Samsung.
When you have to explain a bad joke twice, you've failed. At least try to be a mediocre troll. Also, my right what? Hand? Foot? Eye?
New Posts  All Forums: