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Airplanes. Cars. Modern Surgery. Landing on other planets. Buying stuff online. Nope. Not possible. Sure glad we never tried to do these things.
I agree. The media would eviscerate Apple. And as for releasing an iPhone with a larger screen, that would put the old kibosh on the "The Next Big Thing Is Here" mantra.
Agreed. No one in their right mind would produce a round flash enclosure.
Agreed. The iPhone 3G and 3GS were considered a beautiful design (and still are by quite a few people). I think a lot of folks are afraid to evolve.
Supposed to be? You mean you're not sure? Frontrunning fanboi? You mean slave?  
Agreed. I'd lke to see five columns with slightly smaller icons.
Yeah, I read about it on Facebook.
I knew you were going to say that.That'll be $25.
And people (including me) will be buying it like crazy.
I had an HTC One for a time and it fit fine in my pocket. What kind of pants do you guys wear?! :D
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