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Whatever it is, it's weird and pissed off.
I had to laugh at some of the news I heard on a local radio news station yesterday:   1. Apple bought WhatsApp. 2. Apple is going to acquire Tesla because without a visionary such as Steve Jobs at the helm, Apple could use one like the CEO of Tesla. 3. iOS being pronounced "eye'-oss." 4. The latest version of "eye'-oss" is 7.0.3.
I'm your vehicle, baby; I'll take you anywhere you wanna go...
FRIKEN. Is that a Norwegian swear word or something?
My sister has an S4. What's more, she's doubly doomed - she's on Sprint.
Sorry, I couldn't help reading this and hearing Anne Robinson's voice.
Agreed. Samsung and Apple would be in court - again.
"Upwards" of 60 million iPhones.
It'll look like a Dyson vacuum.
Sorry. I almost spit out my French fries, that was so funny. Great joke.
New Posts  All Forums: