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Oops. Awkward. 
Well, they'll be Sharp. :D
I just bought an Android phone after being an iPhone user for many years (I still love my iPhone 5). Visit almost any Android forum and you'll see anti-iPhone "bile" there as well. Furthermore, they argue among themselves over whose Android phone model is better. There's enough juvenile behavior to go around for everybody.
The One comes in both 32g and 64g models (on AT&T). The camera is four megapixels. 
Was that a question?
No Facebook Home?! This is a bad thing?
Agreed. I hate the Apple ads that make fun of Samsung users. Horrible. /s
I know. Brazil brought the lawsuit, so I'm naturally blaming Lichtenstein. :D
I get a kick out of the conspiracy theoryitis that affects so many people. 
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