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Yet you felt you had to mention them. :D
 So I guess you haven't seen (you'll like this) Anand's benchmarks of the poor little 5s dual-core chip blowing away a lot of testosterone-laden quad-cores, huh?
Could be.
 Agreed. I've seen enough passengers acting like idiots. I actually had a guy sitting next to me who wouldn't stop texting on his iPhone before we started to taxi for takeoff. The flight attendant asked him nicely to turn off his phone and put it away. He just said something like, "Okay, hold on" and continued to text. She then got on the microphone, introduced him to the rest of the passengers on the plane and announced that he was delaying departure and that she would...
Can't wait. :D  
But the timing on Samsung's and HTC's part is interesting...
Should've offered quality porn.  
That would be my HTC One. 
That would help. Some of us actually judge what a person writes by what he puts to paper (or online).
Well, better call Apple then and tell them to shut it all down.
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