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Isn't this a prototype, though?
  Are you saying there are other countries besides the United States?! No way!
  Meh. For a first troll post, I'll give it a 4 out of 10.  
I'm nearing sixty and would beg to differ, having an unlocked, rooted, S-Off phone.
I had the original Nexus 7 for a while and it drove me crazy how many apps weren't optimized for it. Some were actually unusable due to being written for a different screen size.
What a top-notch, original idea!  
Well, at least there's enough of them to hold another funeral, this time for themselves.
Well, except play my 16:9 videos full screen.
Thank you! This is the only real complaint I have about Apple Maps. The secondary roads are almost impossible to see when navigating by car. It's really frustrating. I use Google Maps for this reason.
The S4 has a 4.99" screen.
New Posts  All Forums: