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iPhone 4S users are the human power elite. Borrowed part of that from John Carpenter's "They Live."
Sorry, Obama, we 4S users are the 1%!
Truly! My iPhone 4S sits overnight and loses about 3%. Doomed, I tell you!
Notable exceptions are for money amounts and time. "I have less than a hundred dollars." "I did it in less than two hours."
"Phone wipe in progress..."
I think the balloon shot was staged, not that there's any real problem with that. I say this because later in the presentation, wasn't there a video with scenes of people at the balloon?
Yep. And Apple will sell millions of them. I could probably sell quite a few tin foil hats here as well, judging by the same old conspiracy theories every year.
Or an olive branch.
Took this on or about July 4th, 2010.
To be honest, I have had this happen to me when evaluating Android phones. I've selected an app to install and received a message to the effect that it was not compatible with my particular phone. To be fair, this was a year ago, and perhaps the market has been updated to eliminate this problem.
New Posts  All Forums: