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  I knew Android was in trouble when I saw Android toy figures in a bookstore in Utah about a month ago.
I guess the Galaxy S III users are all too busy tweaking and installing widgets to actually use the phone. 
Pot. Kettle. Black. 
I imagine the offices at CR are full of this...    
  Can't you just see the angst?!
  When people aren't talented enough to do anything creative, such as sing.. :D
  This is actually the first reference I've seen to Hendrix, even after several days of various discussions of this issue on various forums.
This is hardly a scientific observation, but most of the folks I see with Android phones are kids or people in their early twenties. Most of them have limited incomes as well, so most of them I see have older or less expensive Android phones.
Don't make me slap you.
What? Too lazy to input the addresses yourself? Whether you agree or not, I got the same results as your "troll."
New Posts  All Forums: