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Agreed. They should use the same model used with iPhone firmware upgrades. Just update the sections that need it and... Oh. Never mind.
"Over the past year, a number of rumors related to white iPhone 4 issues have cropped up, including alleged problems with the paint mixture, camera flash, like leaks..." I certainly don't want any likes leaking into or out of my white iPhone...
Must be a slow news day.
Many machines on Ix.
I can't. I just can't.
Not all of us are pirates. Grow up.
That must be really embarrassing for you in retrospect, huh?
Your lack of knowledge is frightening. I still jailbreak my iPhone 4, and I don't have any cracked apps. I like to be able to text from within apps, download from within mobile Safari, access settings without having to dig through layers of menus, use a screen orientation lock that's better than Apple's ridiculous portrait-only lock, and many other things - all of which are legal, by the way.
Are you over here causing trouble, Dave?
Congratulations. That was totally classless. You must be very proud.
New Posts  All Forums: